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In the memoir 'My company preserves', Leonard Lauder tells about the driving to lead Esteé Lauder to cross many challenges, going to Thanh Cong.00: 00/4: 35 namleonard Lauder domains born in 1933 in the US. Also in the year he was born, his mother (Mrs. Josephine Esther Lauter) opened the Lauter pharmaceutical store; In 1946, she founded a husband to establish Esteé Lauder Company. In 1958 Leonard Lauder to do at the family company, he focused on building research and development laboratories, promoting business

. Currently, Leonard Lauder is Honorary President, Former CEO of Esteé Lauder Group. According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Lauder's net assets are estimated at US $ 30.9 billion (January 2021), he is one of the 44 richest people in the world
Leonard Lauder. Photo: Nytimes. Lessons in the market to recotely recovered by Leonard Lauder, released by Leonard Lauder (Phuong Ha Dich, Tan Viet and Dan Tri Dan Tri) not only about 60 years of Leonard Lauder's leadership. Books also showed a journey of a company since only 8 products became a symbol in the global cosmetics industry. "My memoir in the cosmetics industry" as Leonard Lauder said, books lead you Reading from the steps to establish Esteé Lauder. Mother of his Mother, Ms. Josephine Esther Lauter (later Esteé Lauder) is capital for beauty, skin care for women. With her husband, she built a cosmetic company, later, she was the only woman who had a list of 20 most influential business geniuses in the 20th century by Time magazine voted in 1998. Leonard Lauder has dedicated Regards when writing about his mother in the early days of establishing a company. In 1956, Leonard Lauder was 25 years old, leaving the army, about working in his parents' company
Until 1958, Esteé Lauder only had a few lines of products sold in the US department stores. Queen of Leonard Lauder, readers visualize the mature process of the company that he nourishes, from The stage is struggling in the great crisis, the strong boom after the second World War, fierce confrontations with the opponents on the market are Revlon, L'Oreál; The challenge of a global company ... Nurturing, preserving a company that his parents have spent the ambition to turn into reality, Leonard Lauder experiences many business lessons. Don't hesitate to share these Mistakes, experiences in memoirs. It may be the application of what the naval reserve school taught into actual leaderships, lessons from Father, Mother, Lessons on how to build brands, put trust in their capacity, building termites Relationship ... Today, Esteé Lauder has become one of the manufacturers specializing in providing skin care products, high-end hair care, makeup cosmetics, and perfumes. The Group includes more than 25 brands, present in 150 countries and territories. The spectacular development and the great success is due to Leonard Lauder. He outlined the strategic vision and implemented the size of the Group during the 60th anniversary of the leadership as the executive director and the President of the Company. The company signed the company. Photo: H. T.The memoirs of the edge of the edge talk about the lessons on the business road, Leonard Lauder shares the experiences that he himself cast. He stated that the leader needs to be responsible, becoming a mirror on the mission to master employees, must be assertive ... working in the cosmetic industry, beauty for women, Lauder advises "never put Making important decisions without consulting women's ". He also gave school lessons such as self-creating competitors, always pioneering, wandering waves ... is a memoir, but my company keeps not only telling the story of a life of a child people. Books of layout into chapters according to timeline, each divided into small portions are lessons on leadership skills, company development experience. The story of people, Leonard Lauder's life is also shown in the book. It was a close CEO, close to the staff. He carefully writes each hand letter sent to its customers, employees, preparing for each gift package, giving products to close customers ... In addition to business, Leonard Lauder is also a famous and participating collector. Social activities. He built a park, playground for children, art donations for the Museum of Fine Arts, participating in awareness campaigns in the fight against breast cancer, Alzheimer.In memoirs, in addition to Currently respect for his parents, Leonard Lauder also spends a lot of good feelings when talking about his younger brother - Ronald Lauder. He also did not forget to tell small stories about employees in the company with affection, who have built up, preserving businesses. Two wives, children, friends were mentioned by him. Because of that, in the Word, Leonard Lauder said: "This book is a sweet fruit of love." In addition to focusing on experienced lessons, efforts in

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