Let Golden Dogs Stay At Home With Their Nieces, The Employer Is Far Away When She Sees The Form Of Puppy When He Returns To

What happened to this Golden Dog When staying at home with the owner's niece? 0:00 / 2: 12 Nam in the world Pets, the famous Golden Dog is a species with obediently, gentle and good personality and Even knew both babies. But also therefore sometimes, they become the "victims" of the bad jokes laughing like this. This story is posted on the 163 News News page , the woman they willow to live in China and have a golden dog for 2 years. They are much choregies and especially never know angry. Because of that, despite living with the owner for several years, no one has the opportunity to witness it angry

. So those who are familiar often say that the puppy of the house will be a sediment like a vermicelli! Until one day, their niece's niece came to play the house. Just saw the beautiful and gentle Golden dog, she was immediately attracted. The niece playing with a very harmonious puppy, Ms
Lieu immediately peacefully let her stay home and take advantage to buy things .The but I don't expect that when I returned, the scene at just opening the door made that woman not ... "Shallow the Word"! The reason is because only in a short period of time, the house Golden Being changed by the girl to create a picture of its owner, he also has almost recognized. The source of 163 News.Pops: Source of 163 News. Chun and tied the dog. Seeing the gentle puppy does not protest, she has conveniently completed his formation. The result is that Lieu returns, ahead of a dog with long coats tied to small grabs and formed Two rows look so neat, even the tail is also taken carefully, the legs are also tied to two more blue bows for more
.. lovely! Seeing this screen of the dog , Ms. Lieu also doesn't have a bad crying. As for the Puppy Golden, as soon as he saw the employer back, it rushed to run as if to save it. It seems that during the time the owner goes out, this "gentle" dog has suffered to coordinate with the other girl to perform this unique "transformation". * Source: 163 News

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