Letters Of Tears Of Poor Mother Writing For Boys For More Than 1 Month Old Once Day Slacking Life

Since dates with this world, that little body, weakness of the pain suffered by each needle, each surgery to fighting for her life. I do not doubt that most unfortunate thing to happen to the son of me.0: 00/4: domain 21Nu NamGui Duy Anh - mother's son! More than a month passed since the day her son cry of the baby life is short a time you have to live in pain because of illness tortured. Not a day you were living in peace. Of human life associated with the hospital, with the needle, infusion and both times the painful surgery to fighting for her life

. Every time she witnessed, she was pain like someone cut away part of the body minh.Chao life, baby Duy Anh has suffered misfortune as acquired diseases ngheo.Ngay news coverage are having a baby, father mother and both grandparents are excited, very happy, every day just waiting to meet you
Mother still attending antenatal clinics regularly and reassuring to know that the healthy, growing in the pregnant belly 6 months me.Nhung then, mother limbs stunned when doctors concluded the wrong message and lungs. Maybe born children will suffer misfortune as suffering from dangerous diseases. Sad, very painful decision but parents still have to be very strong to make a solid prop for con.Duy He was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot (a rare heart disease) .to reach birth date, mother was transferred from Nghe An Central Obstetrics Hospital in hopes of saving lives in time. Newly born child was transferred to Children's Hospital treatment. His mother to separate 2 place. Meanwhile, I just know he begged God for the opportunity song.Con was diagnosed with "Tetralogy of Fallot"
Through the doctor's explanation, she just knew it was a sequelae of congenital heart disease, rare. If not timely cure, disease complications can be life threatening at any time of the day nao.Tu birth to now, all her family has not been to Japan nha.10 days old, Duy Anh's mother had to undergo surgery to put tubes first support pulmonary artery. 17 day old baby to surgery times 2. This time the infection is severe, almost half a month to resuscitation. Parents did not have the strength to stand for fear no chance to meet you. Mother feared that mother did not dare to leave half a step, fearing to return to no longer see the child. Yet, Duy Anh's mother was very resilient ... Being in having children after days of looking forward, waiting, she burst into tears like a child to see on the human body crisscrossed stitches, scars new , old and both wounds barely healed from surgery. I just stood looking only saw painful, let alone what my little baby son are plague. Yet there are times when I still laughed innocently even in sleep. Mother helpless, just wish that this pain may be incurred rather mother con.Chi when you sleeping, her new Japanese feel some peace on the face of the innocent child trai.Bac said officers took over attacks critical, stable health condition is gradually, that is a very good sign. However, a rare fatal diseases will have long-term treatment, to undergo surgery several times longer and cost of living also very expensive kem.Cuoc of his family only a few acres of farmland rely on the same day masonry father precarious. Since the day I was born, our family had never returned home. Parents are always there to fight alongside you. To earn money for the treatment, her parents asked exterior sides in more than 100 million home loan dong.Be Duy Anh waiting healthy enough weight to further surgery to 3.Sap times, wait the full health, weight, you will have to undergo surgery 3rd However, parents do not know where to look to borrow to heal con.Gio mother sitting here writing this and pray for hi hope everyone grabbed my hand weakly, for the opportunity to be treated like a normal life other children. To save you, I would like the whole world bow. To save the child, the parents accept this lifetime to repay. So you have to be very resilient mother Duy Anh nhé. Though difficult life difficult and full of burden, parents always beside con.Chi Japanese people pray grabbed her son's hand, give me a chance song.Do was tearful letters of Tran Thi Japan (26 years old, resident of village 6, Ngoc Son commune, Quynh Luu district, Nghe An province) wrote to his son Tran Duy Anh (more than 1 month of age) suffering from "Tetralogy of Fallot" perilous rare. Japanese sister shared, Duy Anh is the first son of his sister and Nam Phong Tran (29 years old). When born, the child has suffered misfortune because of heart disease syndrome is rare. Treatment duration son was very long, costly while difficult family circumstances. No longer able to borrow to save the child, the mother helpless supplication help people help do.Moi infant Duy Anh please send to the address: Room 1003, 10th floor, Cardiology, Children's Hospital Central. or STK by Tran Thi Nhat (her mother Duy Anh): 100 873 560 652, bank Vietinbank branch north of Nghe An. Tel: 0984.558.627.Tran to thank!

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