Lexus Gx Gx550 Luxury Suv Is More Powerful

New generation Lexus GX550 luxury SUV model has officially been 'row'. Vehicles are likely to use double turbocharged petrol engine blocks, new 3.5L capacity taken from Toyota Land Cruiser 2022.02.02: 00/2: 41 nam 0000: 00/03: 45Video: Lexus Lexus GX GX550 is stronger It is important to submit to Lexus GX-class SUVs in the market since 2009 but have not yet added a new generation

. According to rumors, the new Lexus GX will be officially released in 2024. Before that time, it seems Lexus GX will be adding the new version named GX550. On September 7, 2021, the car branded to Japan has registered copyright for the new Lexus GX550 2022 model in the US market
SUV luxury Lexus GX GX550 is more powerful. Specifically involves the new version of this luxury SUV line. Forecast, the new SUV Lexus GX550 2022 model will be equipped with V6 gasoline engine, double turbocharged, new 3.5L capacity taken from Toyota Land Cruiser 2022. This engine is expected to be used for large pickup trucks Toyota Tundra New generation, creating a maximum capacity of 450 horsepower and maximum torque 500 lb-ft.Trade in early August this year, Lexus also launched a 2022 version of the luxury SUV line GX 460 in the US market. In Version 2022, this model is added new standards such as parking support systems, navigation systems and electroplasting Mirrors GX 460 2022 newly launched the US market in this luxury SUV model Show new equipment such as 10.3-inch touch screen information screen, support connecting to smartphones via Apple Carplay and Android Auto. This new screen brings a higher feeling and higher technology for Lexus GX 460 2022 interior, Lexus GX 460 2022 is also equipped with new standard safety features such as collision avoidance systems Early integrated discovery pedestrians, alerts lane lane, smart headlights and radar-based cruise control systems. Furniture inside Lexus GX 460 2022 "Heart" of Lexus GX 460 2022 is the engine V8 gasoline, natural gas, 4
6L capacity. This engine creates a maximum capacity of 301 horsepower and maximum torque 446 nm. The engine combines with a 6-speed automatic transmission and a full-time 4-wheel drive system. With the appearance of the above V6 engine, it is likely that the V8 gasoline will not continue to be used for the new Lexus GX line. The reason is that the V6 engine is both stronger and more fuel economy.

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