Lexus Lx Design Preview Will Be Released Next Year: The Strange And Strange Grille Of Toyota Land Cruiser

The next generation Lexus LX is said to be released next year. The design artists in Kolesa have visualized the new generation of the large SUV by creating images of the front and backs of the backside. <: 00/1: 39 male designs designs to LX a grid The completely giant heat sink with complex patterns in the sections, will definitely be very eye-catching but can be slightly too bold for luxury buyers with conservative style. In addition, the car has a narrow headlight with arrow-shaped lights. The car looks like the Land Cruiser

. In the back, the design shows that the car has a wide taillight, the rear bumper is large but styled simple. The strange thing is that the design does not provide exhaust pipes for LX, although there is no sign that Lexus provides a completely electric drive system. The Lexus LX design car of KoleG lx is like the current LX, all The details show that the new has a very close relationship with the latest Toyota Land Cruiser and is shared with Toyota's GA-F design architecture
The leading version is said to be LX 750h will use an increase Double pressure V6 3.5L supports hybrid. This drive system is said to be a total of 480 horsepower and 871 nm torque. In the lower version there will be a double-voltage 35L petrol engine version with a capacity of 409 horsepower and 650 nm.So with the current version, the new LX is said to improve the quality of the SUV Latest safety technology generation. The interior will include 17-inch infotainment screen and fingerprint scanner to start the engine.LX may be released in September and sold as soon as in December in some markets. Unlike the Land Cruiser, the Lexus version will be sold in the US. Because Son Pham, 10 hours ago

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