Lg éclair Speakers Compact But Strong

LG Electronics Company (Korea) has just launched Soundbar LG Éclair (sample QP5), is the current smallest bar speaker of the company.L LG Éclalarlà products are honored in CES 2021 Creative Award (2021 CES Innovation Award), this soundbar is the perfect piece of contemporary lifestyle, thanks to a compact, subtle design, fit in modest spaces that still transmit high quality sound.LG Éclair is set The upper Oval model with a classic or white or white jersey material surface, is easy to coordinate in any modern decoration space. This contemporary design is very suitable for homeowners with furniture and live in modest spaces or though small in size, LG Éclair has strong performance thanks to support Dolby Atmos and DTS: X . However, LG Eclair owners are not afraid to bother neighbors because LG Éclair uses a two-dimensional subwoofer (Power Bass Subwoofer) with low vibration thanks to Low Vibration technology

. The specific size of the speaker is 296 x 59.9 x 126mm - only by 1/3 Soundbar SP8yra before LG, LG's smallest soundbar uses a sound 3.1
2 channel and ATMOS. Grade in combination with LG Éclair's wireless subwoofer (Subwoofer) of the technology and negative substance of Meridian reputable audio to transmit only the only detailed audio in the only dimensionally, also designed to minimize Effect on the environment. The packaging of LG Éclair has been changed from eps (styrofoam) and nylon bags to recycled pulp - an environmentally friendly solution that remains the product. This effort helped LG Éclair recognized as an ecological product by SGS (Socíeté Générale de Surveillance SA OF SWITZERLAND). In this wave, LG also launched in Vietnam 3 other rod speakers are LG Sound Bar SP9A , SP8A and SP2. These speaker models are designed to become the perfect puzzle for LG TV both in terms of sound and aesthetics. LG SP9A and LG SP8A are the perfect choice to experience watching movies, playing games and listening to music on TV thanks to support Dolby Atmos and DTS surround sounds: X, combined with exclusive audio modes due to LG play Development and AI Sound Pro optimizes audio by category Experience.LG also announced the listed price of Soundbar models in Vietnam: LG Éclair QP5: 11,490,000 VND; LG SP9A: VND 19,990,000; LG SP8A: 14,990,000 VND and LG SP2: 2,890,000 VND.

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