Lgbt Tourists And Things To Know When Traveling Korea

Although the conservative country and many strange rules, the contrary to the thoughts of many people, gay without violating the law in Korea. The LGBT community travelers are welcomed here.02: 00/2: 12 South Vietnam's article of Blogger Gareth Johnson Founder Young Pioneer Tours - The leading adventure company in Korea answered Questions about Korean travel with visitors in the LGBT community. Is LGBT people going to travel in Korea? The brief answer to this question is "Yes, you can, and you will be comfortable and Feeling welcome in this mysterious country ". First welcome visitors in the LGBTAGT community on the Blog Youngpioneertours blog decoding that" whether the travelers of the LGBT community have a difficult tour Korea? ", Because this is a fairly conservative country and many strange rules compared to other places

. The LGBT community visitors are welcomed in Korea - Photo: Youngpioneertours for legal in Korea and LGBT community people are welcome to travel here. In fact, gay tourist guides regularly lead trips to come here without any problems. That has said that North Korea is a conservative country about sex However, anyone belongs to any sexual trend (gay or lesbians, men and women
..) also tends to show affection and this is something to be respected for tourists when traveling This country.Gareth Johnson - Author, Founder Young Pioneer Tours visited more than 150 countries. Gareth Johnson's passion is to open the destinations of few people who know how to travel and share experiences on street cuisine. Can sleep with a companion? Tourists visit Korea are in the The general room has 2 single beds, so simultaneous couples and men are in the same room which is not surprising. Although two single beds are very common standards and double beds are not standard but you can still request to serve for an extra surcharge. Do not ask about gender and LGBT people in Korea It is quite open to the people of the LGBT community but in this country, you are very difficult to find gay people who show public feelings. Youngpioneertours advised that, visitors need to respect Korean conservative: do not ask about their sexual trend, and in fact, any questions regarding gender or sex For anyone, is also obscent and should be avoided.

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