Light Bars And Hands With Humble

Duy Duy has loved and trusted Thanh Van. However, she was slightly copied to copy the secret information of the Duy Duy to give 'lover' Mép naughty: 00/1: 29 nu southern southernness, but they were afraid to share with Thanh Van, signing only the doubt about death Parents and Khanh Tanh are due to harmful people. Thanh Van blurted: "WHEN WHERE ON THE PEOPLE'S GROWTHOUS GROWTH?". Let's surprised the strange suspicion of Thanh Van but I would like to confirm my father despite much competition but not ever involved in Quoc banned goods. Despest sharing about the death of Ba, Mother and Khanh Tanh for Thanh Van listened

. Photo: Golden SenHoang brought when he heard itself oral oral affirmation unrelated to Quoc Bac banned, Thanh Van was looking for Khiem. It should be monitored and tried to copy data in the computer of the Duy Duy's computer. Duy information is transporting the large number of goods to Vietnam and only need to find a trading location to prevent this shipment See as the mission of both has succeeded
The news of the wrong person causes Thanh Van to go back to the divisions of Duy Duy. In the same time to work, casually see the password in his computer is the day In May of its birth, Thanh Van has easily penetrates into the computer of the Duy to copy all data into USB. And she gave that usb to humble, even though in his heart, he always felt a day with the problem. They cooperate with themselves. The only thing is still not or knowing what, he happily brought Thanh Van with the United States of the sea and changes in Phan Thiet.When know this, Thien Kim is extremely angry. Kiệt only knew in with comforting Thien Kim and she drank was drunk. Love gambling broadcast at 20 hours from Monday to Saturday every week on THVL1 channel.

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