Light People Because Hiring Help, Doubt Almost ‘delivered Eggs For Evil’

Helping to take care of the house from A-Z extremely exactly Zhou caused a sigh of relief. However, it was not happy to have a hands-free time, she had to rush to find a new person because he almost "delivered the eggs to the evil '. The increases of shifts until late to ensure the company's production schedule is not strange for two people. Date of work hard, but extremely happy, causing two people to encourage each other to try. Everything became more difficult when he was born in the first phase

. The old parents are weak, busy in the countryside so they can't arrange them. Ever-time, Truong at home for helping even though very savings of the husband's monthly salary was still not pepper, causing her to stand still. Because the child was young, no kindergarten was accepted by Truong to ask the acquaintance to find the maid
The next day a middle-aged woman named Lam came to the house to receive jobs. According to the words, Ms. Lam used to take care of a few other families, so there was a lot of experience. Looking at a maid to carefully take care of the son, so that everything in the house from AZ makes Truong very satisfied, excited to contact the company to return to work. Looking for forging the urination, Truong felt Unfortunately, rush to find new people. Artworks from the date of maid to the house, Truong felt life like a burden. She restrained to increase the shift every day. Without dark off, husband and wife have more time for each other so feelings are also sublimated as a wedding. Things to make the most remembered are very clean boys. If the boy before the boy's day, he had to wash the whole pots, now the whole day doesn't change any one
Many times, Ms. Lam only laughed was the persistence of the elderly, had to take time to have a small sticker for children. House with young children, adults are busy with the dinner day at the company Tables with a wife installing the camera in the house for convenience to observe the children but do not tell the help. Since sneaking the camera, whenever the break in the middle of the time was Zhang again to see the phone. Once, Zhang saw the son and she helped on the sofa watching TV. Located for a while, Ms. Lam suddenly carried her baby into the toilet to pee. But, instead of staying in watching the child, Mrs. Lam left to wear the boy sitting on the toilet crying, casually out the chair waiting. It was for a long time, she went to pick up the baby and put it on the rear clothing. Crying her son, Truong felt hurt in her heart. What makes Zhang to find more unpicked is a way to do indifference from children. Unfortunately, the child reached the toilet or fell from the platform to the floor, adults couldn't handle. Just thinking about that Ms. Zhang was cold sweating. Now, Truong understood, why his son all day did not have to replace a pants. Although the boy has not been seriously violent as the case of reporting Radio, Ms. Zhang feels unable to rest assured. You watch the video: The woman was seven by her husband on the road. Source: THDT Tam Tam (according to SH)

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