Like The Eyes Of The Unique Heart-shaped Series

Thanks to a special shape, far from the normal types, these kinds of heart shapes not only make interested lover but also quite high prices. Heart-shaped fruits have a "similar" name as a type Special fruits are popular in southern China. Photo: Sohu is not only sweet and fragrant but fruit meat is also very soft, berry. Due to the special appearance and rich nutritional value that the same price has a high price of 40 yuan (about 140,000 VND) for half kilograms. Photo: Sohut in Vietnam, Japanese heart grapes have a price from 2 to 2

.5 million VND / kg. Photo: FB NGUYEN HUYÊNGI LOVE This grapes are crossed from the Western pareto grapes and grapes to create an impressive taste of taste. Grapes are bright red, soft shells but are very crispy
Photo: Mia Fruits The first heart-shaped watermelon was born in Japan, sold at an average price of 15,000 yen (over 3.1 million VND). Photo: Japan TodayIn a auction throughout Japan, a pair of heart melts sold at a "heavenly" price, 3 million yen (equivalent to 623 million dong). Photo: Odditymal heart shaped extremely cute heart. Photo: @ Shumona13 own unique heart shape. Photo: FB knitting knitting a lovely heart-shaped strawberry with red shells, green stalks. Photo: Pinterest Tomato heart-shaped tomatoes Make the homeowner just want to watch. Photo: NatureVideo: Sell 2 only gold to buy the most expensive grape beam in the world. Source: HTVHoang Minh

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