Likes The Rice Rolls That Are Fear Of Fat, They Have To Do It Right Away They Are Both Beautiful And Delicious But Not Afraid To Gain Weight

Likes the rice and fears that are fear of fat, they have to do this now and are both beautiful and delicious but not afraid to gain weight of materials1. Sweet potato purple 250g 2. seaweed leaves 1 pcs 3. salad sauce for diet 10g 4. Thai carrot fiber 30g 5

. Thai eggs 30g 6. Thai sausage thai yarn 15g 7. Thai cucumber 15g 8
Roasted sesame is enough to roll as a dish of many lovers because of a simple, convenient way, all nutritious ingredients are wrapped in a rice roll but for those who want to lose weight are quite good I'm afraid that the amount of rice in it is a bit a bit. Then you try to make rice rolls without using rice! We can replace rice with purple sweet potatoes. Purple sweet potato still ensures the amount of starch for the body and is of course healthier than eating white rice. With a simple way to make sure you can embark on to do it right at the same time, it is extremely eye-catching again. Whoever saw also want to ask for a recipe right away! Refer to how to make rice from purple sweet potatoes! 1 Prepare a purple sweet potato part to wash and remove the shell. Then chopped the sweet potato. To scrap the shell of sweet potato without plastic can wear gloves at remonstructing or scraped in a pot of water, so the potato potato will mix in the water and your hands will not be sticky. For potatoes Into the heat-resistant and then steamed. Steaming about 10 minutes is a cooked potato.Khoai ripe to grind smooth
Should grind potatoes at a time, it will be easier to be smooth than the rice with a bamboo blinds on the plane, then spread a layer of food wrapped, placing the seaweed up. Note flip the smooth face of seaweed upwards. Then spread purple sweet potatoes all over the seaweed. Gently set up the purple sweet potato face downwards. Salad sauce salars up ½ pieces of seaweed. Reverse carrots, eggs, cucumbers, sausages on the side of seaweed have spread saud saud. Slowly rolling back, scrolling your hand so that the fixed materials do not fall after cutting.3 caught rice with bamboo blinds with food wrap. Spread a thin layer of sesame oil or vegetable oil to the knife and then cut the rice roll. Doing so rice will not be deformed when cutting. Then just sprinkle a little roasted is done. Rice rice rolls out and enjoy it. Rice rolls from purple sweet potatoes have been completed.

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