Lincoln Launches Navigator 2022 With Semi-automatic Driving System

The driver does not directly hold the steering wheel but the system still monitors the concentration in the eyes and the head of the driver through the camera at digital watches.So with the previous car life, Lincoln Navigator 2022 does not change much more about foreign Figure. The company only extends the grille net. New taillight. New points in Navigator 2022 are located in the technology to support operation and entertainment system

. Talky is an automatic activeglide driving system. This is the version of Ford's Bluecruise system. The system uses a variety of radar cameras and radar sensors that allow vehicles to drive over 209
215 km of highways in North America has been previously mapped. The driver does not need to directly hold the steering wheel, but still has a camera in Watch clock monitoring the look and head position to ensure the driver is still paying attention to the road ahead.Lincoln Navigator will also be updated with a completely new Sync 4 system that is able to respond fast twice. old system. The larger 13.2-inch screen has an intuitive interface, easier to manipulate than before. Navigator 2022 uses a 12-inch digital screen with integrated HUD. The highlights include natural language voice recognition technology, supporting Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Lincoln also cooperates with Amazon to bring Amazon's gadgets present on Navigator. The Amazon Fire TV series is integrated on the entertainment screen for the middle seats
Passengers can watch movies online, listen to music and television shows while moving. This system comes with a wireless headset, 2 Alexa voice remote controls and integrated storage sets to view the program even without an active Internet connection. Navigator 2022 positioning system is available Update and integrate Amazon Alexa virtual assistant. The driver may request Alexa to play music, directions, traffic inspections, search for parking and manage smart home devices. Lincoln Wtay app for Alexa will allow the car owner to explode remotely, close or open the smart house. The second home seat has a 5.8-inch screen displays air conditioning, sound, heating modes, Cooling chairs. Customers can upgrade the second row with Active Motion massage. Under the capo cap is a dual turbocharged V6 engine, producing a capacity of 440 horsepower and 691 nm torque. Familiar 10 gearbox and optional four-wheel drive system. Compared to the previous life, the capacity level is less than 10 horsepower.Navigator 2022 is equipped with a suspension adaptation to Road Preview technology. The system uses a front camera and 12 sensors to read the road terrain 500 times per second and performs up to 100 times adjusted every second to keep the journey comfortably. Lincoln Navigator 2022 will arrive at the agents in early next year, the price has not been published. Phongcarscoops

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