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The explosion of the stock market makes the insurance line to invest in buying customers. However, sharing with the Securities Investment Newspaper, Mr. Tran Nguyen Lan, Director of Insurance Insurance and Financial Risk Management (IFRM) said that there are inadequacies in how to distribute this product. Tran Nguyen Lan, Director of Insurance Insurance and Financial Risk Management (IFRM) Mr. Tran Nguyen Lan, Director of Insurance Insurance and Financial Risk Management (IFRM) The stock market has continuously increased counting From the bottom of April, 2020, the investment insurance line of investment insurance receives a lot of interest

. According to him, this product line is easy to exploit? Due to the attachment of the stock market, unit-linked insurance products with a larger investment attraction is attracting guests thanks to the strong growth of the market This field last time. However, because it is a particular product and a high level of complexity, no consultants / agents can also exploit, for two main reasons. A lack of financial and securities knowledge
In order to be able to advise customers on investment products, the counselor / agent must first know that products, have a good "background" of the financial market to be able to predict the developments of the market, thereby explaining customers about the risk of investment products as well as giving reasonable expectations for the lucrative rate for products.Hai is a lack of sales skills. In fact, sales skills are applied for investment link insurance streams with traditional sales because this is a combined product both "personal finance" (protection) and investment Profit, should ask the seller to have a specialized skill, not merely only "selling insurance". User this, he assessed the intensive investment training for consultants / greats Current reason? A fairly common disadvantage in training programs at life insurance companies is inclined to sales skills, marketing more than "hard" knowledge - is the foundation knowledge and In-depth in finance - insurance. The universalization of sales skills, marketing for counselors / agents can help promote sales, increase revenue, market share ..., but if the lack of "hard" knowledge will cause the house to give Disbishes are difficult to develop products in the direction of depth. With investment associated products, it does not explain that customers will suffer complete risks when entrusting investment through unit-linked insurance products will be easy Making customers understand that this product only has words without losses, when the stock market fell sharply, the price of fund units also decreased accordingly and this made customers feel cheated. Some agents remain
Compare the interest rate in the past between the Fund Units of Life Insurance companies that make customers mistakenly think that the Investment Fund of Life Insurance A will be more advantageous than Life Insurance B, from which to do Customers have incorrect celebration on the entrusted investment activities of life insurance companies. These behaviors are banned in Circular 135/2012 / TT-BTC (Article 30 ) Instructions for implementing unit association insurance products, but now, violations are still quite common. According to him, insurance companies as well as consultants / agents need to do to overcome these Limit this? In my opinion, strengthening the training is still the most effective way. The adoption of training and granting conditions to exploit conditions for standard agents will help the insurer to overcome the above disadvantages, just increase the efficiency of the exploitation of investment insurance. That, in the context of a lack of personnel trained in investment in investment, the "outsourcing" personnel with in-depth knowledge of financial investment, training skills should be carried out in parallel Nursing knowledge of investment in consultants / agents. Also, life insurance companies also need to strengthen monitoring, reminders and handling strong cases of violations, since then increased. Public news into Vietnam Life Insurance industry. Article 30 - Circular 135/2012 / TT-BTC Regulations on information and advertising of unit link insurance products4. Brochures have clear content, not misunderstanding the unit link fund are financial instruments with fixed income or profitability. Advertising materials, introduction of unit-linked insurance products are not included with statements that make customers misunderstand that the value of investment is always increasing; Not committed or forecasting the investment results of the unit linking fund are always positive in the future.5. Insurance enterprises, insurance agents are not compared to advertising intentions, ensuring the investment results of a linking fund of this unit is better than other units or business funds Other insurance.Kim LAN implementation.

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