Lisa (blackpink) Slide The Music Cup, Fans Angry ‘throw Kick’ Opponents: Controversy Breaks Out Of Netizens

The incident is getting about many opposes and conflicts.0: 00/2: 40 nam 0000: 00/04: 06 after launching the Lalisa song and the same name album, Lisa (Blackpink) started promoting the song His first solo on music shows. The idol also got his first cup on Music Bank on September 17 to the group of female rookie Stayc. It is known that this is the cup on the music show that the idol is only after 10 days of launching Lalisa.Lisa winning the front cup Stayc

.Lisa continues to promote at the stage inkigayo with a strong red outfit . With impressive makeup, creating a highlight in the eyes and hair ties on the side, she looks extremely prominent on the stage. This is also the first time the idol female performing alone on the television show, however the spirit and expression is extremely confident and professional
Do not receive Cup at Inkigayo. Instead, the Traffic Light song of singer Lee Mu Jin won the difference of nearly 1000 points. It is worth mentioning that many Lisa fans have not accepted this result and pouring indignation on the MV CA Traffic Light. Many people leave negative comments aimed at Lee Mu Jin, even thinking that Koreans are "discriminating against" with Lisa because she is Thailand.- This article is bad. Worthy of Lisa.- I went to see the MV because this guy defeated Lisa in Inkigayo and I've never heard of him. Treatment to Lisa? Negative comment in MV Traffic Light. However, many netizens also show dissentions with a part of Lisa fans. Most Korean and international audiences argue that Traffic Light is a very good song, has a unfortunate and calming melody, suitable for many public objects and deserves to reach first
The fact that some people get angry and "stoned" Lee Mu Jin just because the Lisa winner is ridiculous, can even make the image of Idol women affected, losing sympathy from the public .- Why Some Lisa fans become toxic and go to throw stones, dispratuated in other people's MV? Well and the song is very fresh, very good for me.- This post is worthy of ranking 1. or so.- This article is very good and the form of healing songs ... suitable for listening Or when I want to pull the mood up. It's not the same name to repeat the name 100 times. - Because a certain fans find it, I discover this article. Or too, I added it to my playlist.- This tone was too great that was stone. Wukong! - I hate Lisa's Thai fans too ... Traffic Light songs received the support of the majority of netizens. In another situation, Lisa will have a special stage for the song Money - Lesson Sing the other in Lalisa album. It is expected that the video will be released on September 22.

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