List Of 5 Most Smart Animals In The World

The following animals own remarkable intelligence. Even, they can imitate humans or create feeding tools.1. Tinh Tinh Tinh can imitate human tools to earn food. Tinh belongs to the primates, the closest relative with it is Bonobo

. In the wild, mature crystalline can weigh 40-65 kg, while standing upright they are usually 1.3-1.6 m high
This is a species that lives in a herd with a herd that usually has 15 to 150 individuals. Currently, the chimp is listed in IUCN Red Books are endangered species, due to the destruction of living environment, hunting and illness Being seriously threatening to this species. This is one of the smart animals in wild nature. According to scientists, they own amazing intellectuals when they can build and use hunting tools in a flock. In addition, chimpanzees are also likely to handle many complex personal problems. Some studies also show that this animal is also capable of learning sign language to communicate with people, they can also remember someone's names although many years have never met again.2. Pork dolphins are very highly protected for pigs. Pigs are mammalians in the ocean and have close relationships with whales. There are nearly 40 dolphin species of 17 spends living in oceans and few remaining lives in some rivers in the world such as: Yangtze River, Amazon River, Indian River, Ganges,
.. length The dolphin can be from 1.2 m to 9.5m and weighs up to 10 tons. Dolphins are predators, mainly eating fish, inks ... they are known as one of the world's smartest animals. According to researchers, dolphins have complex social links. They held the flock, set up a strategy and assign the role of individuals in the herd to spy, watch the enemy. In addition, dolphins are also capable of language and sympathy. This animal can save many people who are in danger or regret when a member of a member dies 3. Orangutan orangutan who learned by Aboriginal people using trees to take a fishing tree. Orbians also known as "brutal" or forest people, are a family of primates, mainly living on trees. The feathers of orangutans are usually reddish-brown, instead of the typical brown or black color of other big monkeys. Orangutans can live up to 60 years in captivity environment. In nature, orangutans also have complex social structures with hierarchies and have a hierarchical competition. Organs are one of the most intelligent primates and can use many sophisticated wing tools They have a habit of nesting sleep every night from tree branches and leaves. In captivity environment, there are people who learn how to use the iPad tablet to identify parts on the body and food. According to Carel Van Schaik - Primate Expert studies at Zurich University, Switzerland: "Orangutans have a very special alarm signal, sounding like sound emitted when we ... kiss each other. This is a form of signal to enemy the warning about the danger is lurking. "In 2008, the staff in the animal reserve on Kaja island in Borneo witnessed the scene of orangutans hanging on the branches To use TB fish as local people there or do 4. The ravens knows the appliances available to get food in a high glass. As a couple of Cornae, this chi has about 45-46 species of different sizes. Some species in this expenditure have a high intelligence, such as a small mine crow named the scientific name Corvus Corone already known to smash the beads by placing it on the road across the road, so that the car passes through Break the shell, wait until the traffic indicator light turns red and then catches the gran safely. In addition, many different crows still know how to remember where they hide food and hide their food to avoid others robbing. New Caledonia has a scientific name that Corvus Moneduloides is capable of manufacturing tools to Making insect fishing trees from branches and leaves trimmed into hooks. They then use these hooks to drag the lards of insects out of the holes on the trunk. Crows can also communicate with local people, play games with them and even know "vully". Some scientists argue that crows are even smarter than primates.5. The elephant with a fellow feeling died. Voi is the elephantidae mammal and the largest terrestrial animal today. The elephant is scattered throughout Africa adjacent to Saharan, South Asia and Southeast Asia. They are eating plants like living near water sources.Voi has a fission-fusion society. In which many family groups combine together to communicate. Children tend to live in family groups, which may include a child with its young children or some children with surrender. Groups, do not include males are led by the oldest children, in the form of systems. The males are fired from the herd when they are in an inexual and can live a single or create a herd with other males. Adult male elephants mainly interact with these

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