Listed Companies In The Uk Gradually ‘attractive’?

The UK Finance Minister said that the British should welcome foreign investors who want to buy British businesses, and note that the Private Investment Fund is not a hazard. Illustration: Reuters Minister of Finance Kingdom Mr. Rishi Sunak on September 14 said he wanted listed companies in the UK to become more "attractive" for investors, in the context of private investment funds trying to acquire some private companies Multiplication of the "Fog's Land". Speaking at the Technology Conference in London (England), Minister Sunak said foreign investors, including private investment funds, interested in the British business reflects their vision to this economy. However, management agencies need to evaluate some of the acquisition cases of his long-term benefits

. Before, the British government has a "open" view of the acquisition of investors Foreign, but Japan's Softbank Company acquired the ARM chip design company in 2016, which raised concerns. And the British managers are questioning the sale of this company for the US Nvidia Corp. company
Private investment is not a hazard. In that time, the competitive management agency and his market said that in the future will take a closer look at the acquisition of small companies of the "giants" Foreign technology, to prevent behaviors such as competing prevention./. Chung (according to Reuters)

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