Listen To Hong Kong U40 Female Stars Revealing Beautiful Tutorials

Although the age has reached the number 40 but Xiong Dailin still retains a soft, smooth skinny skin in the middle of the year: 00/2: 33 Nam is a celebrity, Xiong Dailin is always busy with the recording work . Working time stretching, many makeup make her skin worse. Here are 4 simplers that help Xiong Dailin get beautiful skin as expected.1. The first thing Xiong Dailin recommends getting up before 9 am to eat better, more alert

. Baked sleep is not good for your skin. After waking up, she often eats grain porridge and limited grease. If you have to work late, Xiong Dailin will drink a glass of honey tea, chrysanthemum for beautiful and smooth skin
Naturally after working late at night, you can sleep compensation. However, you should only sleep for another hour after staying up late, not to sleep 4. The last thing, Xiong Dailin advises people to act out more outdoors. Good fresh air for your mental health and skin. Chrysanthemum honey drinks like Xiong Dailin, girlfriends can drink some extra teas that help beautify skin like: spring tea stands in Ranking beautiful leather Tea is spring Tea. Spring Terrave contains vitamin content, minerals, natural oils and high antioxidants are great medicines that help bright white skin, smooth stretch, promote skin cell regeneration, and prevent wrinkles, anti-wrinkles Early aging. Also, Tam Tam Xuan also contains many vitamin C, stimulating body to produce collagen, vitamin A and lycopene protection of skin cells against the harmful effects of the sun - the main cause of aging Early. When using the spring of making tea, you should soak the spring in hot water or boil with water from 10-15 minutes. Scope of spring has a light sour taste, a bit of chat, so you can add a few spoons of honey for easy drinking. Jasmine tea flowers often help girlfriends with beautiful and smooth skin
Antioxidants in jasmine flowers help improve the production of collagen and elastin - two main proteins ensure the smoothness of your skin. For jasmine tea, you can blend directly with fresh flowers if you grow at home or use built-in dried flower buds. It is only good for health, mint is also one of the beautiful teas. The skin rich in vitamin E, D and antioxidants are also the secret to accelerating cell regeneration and bringing healthy skin, smooth from deep inside. Peppermint essential oil in mint leaves also helps to limit sebum secretions, cleanses the skin. Also similar to other teas, you should not flow straight in mint leaves, so it should only be used about 90 hot water Celsius to incubate tea from 5-10 minutes to tea with the most delicious taste. In particular, mint tea is very delicious when drinking cold. Huynh Trang / According to Ettoday

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