Listen To ‘saddy’ Song Ji Hyo Turned His Secret To Get The Skin Stretching, Even Though He Was U40

Although it was about to turn 40 but Song Ji Hyo still owns a smooth, beautiful skin that does not make people admire 9: 00/1: 59nam southern enlightenment with small screen audience in the drama " Come to the Witch's Cafeteria ", Song Ji Hyo received the praise rain with an unique youthful appearance, smooth skin without a stain and standard physique without adjustment. So what are the 39-year-old beauty to get so beautiful and stretched skin? Girlfriends refer to her beauty secret! Did the makeup is a person who owns a mixed skin, Song Ji Hyo shared that every day she washed her face clean. After the recording time, the actress will remove the makeup thoroughly, massage facials according to the circle to clean and remove dead skin cells. Sunscreen instead of makeup with witches in the movie , Song Ji Hyo likes to face a rustic face. To get better skin care, she used to use sunscreen instead of makeup

. With the color correction effect of sunscreen, actresses have bright, beautiful skin without a makeup too. Thanage skin, anti-wrinkle effect effectively The skin of female star dull, fast aging. Song Ji Hyo often uses essential oils to facial massage from 3-4 times a week
She massage gently forehead, cheeks and chin to moisturize skin, anti-wrinkle effectively. Mask and use mineral spray to enhance moisturization to work hard to clean skin, sunscreen, Song Ji Hyo is a believer. Move mask. In my free time, the frosted actress often enhances the mask or use mineral spray to moisturize the skin in time to maintain the beauty of not old. At least 10-20 minutes of exercise every day When debuted so far for many years, Song Ji Hyo still holds a slender, slender shape. The actress revealed that she often jogged, exercising at home, not following a strict exercise regime. Salad with olive olive oil does not like exercising but she often strives Diet to keep shape. One of the dishes that Ji Hyo likes to be salads with olive oil. Huynh Trang / According to Beauty321

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