Little Past Taste

I was born in a family that was not too difficult but it was not quite fake. My father worked in the agency, and she was a farmer as a flood. Listen to her mother to tell the day of the 'child to eat mother' so we all live mainly on the rods of communal communities: 00/3: 29 South of the early years 90s of the century ago, my family was much Difficulty, not that corn padded cassava often but I always felt hungry. Up to now, I still remember the old "legendary" porridge that my brothers still often "enjoy" .so to the village's houses are not much, but compared to today, my family is quite crowded, My parents gave birth to four sisters, both a grandmother

. I and my youngest sister should be assigned home to see the house. That day is not as complicated as now, the whole five-time house only needs to close the door, the gate is only a big root of the ball around. After a while of studying or playing with the children in the village, my brothers had to cook rice on time
I still remember that the day studied the first grade, the second layer had to worry about withdrawing straws outside the dunes (straw) into the basket and bringing it into the stove. When cooking rice is also when we are extremely hungry. Although my house still has excess rice of the previous meal so we can eat with sesame salt, peanuts ... But the young child's age hates eating peanuts, my brothers "creative" porridge Cold rice. The cold pump was exposed to a separate pot, then letting the water flooded so when cooking the North rice to cook together. The long kitchen can be cooked simultaneously with a few pots. Small sister cooked with water with a porridge, and I went to rice. Rice on that day even though it was sorry, it was still available, so it was for a long time, when she finished bringing it into the kitchen, the kettle and porridge have begun to boil
The old rice porridge is attractive. When the boiled porridge was at a time for spices, the old days were mainly salt, occasionally there are main noodles or sugar, but rarely. Because cooking from cold rice, the porridge seeds are very sporadic, but it's okay because there are home garden vegetables. Vegetables are small are the vessel leaves of vessels, sometimes the leaves, vegetables or anything to pick up the flying aircraft leaves for strange, easy to eat. An indispensable spice is dry onion. Those day was also great, the onions had to smash it and turned into. That attractive hot rice porridge bowl is full of hungry belly. We eat very well. I don't know if anyone used to eat this dish, but that day with me, that porridge was delicious. It is my brother's regular dish for a long time. Today there are many different porridge such as chicket porridge, fish porridge, bird porridge ... but still finds naked with a delicious feeling like the old cat's porridge. Cold rice porridge pots are so simple but also where the "artist" cooks for a creative way. The pot also fights the extra warehouse, young corn or a few potatoes, peanuts ... are all put into the porridge pot. That's why it is still just a cold rice porridge, but every meal tastes differently. On the same time there was no seasoning vegetables, it was still possible to Thai vegetables cooked like spinach, and vegetables. Then, it was strange, delicious and delicious porridge. Of course, there was no cold rice, it would not be a familiar porridge, but we had a new, nutritious porridge. It was a porridge. At that day there was no rice cooker, only cooking rice with a cast iron pot, or with excess rice. Although it was fine, but the water was boiled first and then took out the rice, it was a little, but there was a big bowl. Cold rice porridge only needs to be a minced, little salt ... is able to eat well. Today life is better than the old, I'm not dull to eat porridge anymore. The children who were eating many types of porridge are more nutritious, more delicious but perhaps they don't feel delicious so they are often pressed by adults. The old porridge occasionally returned, as repeated in the heart of old marks ... according to the village of the scene

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