Little Stories About The Episode Of Van Tien

10 years ago, the draft of the 'Luc Van Tien Fairy' color "wake up" after more than 100 years of oblivion. This is a container of Luc Van Tien Version of the French translation from the story Van Tien was composed by Nguyen Dinh Chieu in the first year of Dong Khanh (1866). The French book made in 1897 a total of 1,200 colors and 633 patterns made according to the requirements of the captain The French Navy in Hue is E. Giibert. "Awakeshi" Hundreds of Years "Luc Van Tien College" was later translated by Abel des Michels to French and gave awarded by Captain E

. Gibert Get back on the French Academy of Academy in 1899.Viet a century of "sleeping" in the library, "Luc Van Tien fairy story" - Histoire de Luc Van Tien was discovered by Prof. Phan Huy Le when going to France
In mid-2011, Prof. Phan Huy Le has a business trip in France. He was invited to the Library of Van Khac Academy and French literature to exchange and visit the storage room. The library director introduced him many books of books and ancient maps of the Far East. In that number there was a thick manuscript set, in addition to the cover with handwriting in French. Temporarily translated: History of Luc Van Tien do Le Dui Trach illustrated, with the sponsorship of E. Giibert, a maritime artillery captain, the artillery commander in Hue (An Nam), officially awarded to study Institute on May 26, 1899. Institute, Prof. Phan Huy Le recognizes this is a quarterly document of Luc Van Tien stories due to a Vietnamese name named Le Duc Trach (phonetic to the French without accent. " Le Dui Trach ") Illustrated and created by a French officer Captain Gibert organized a manuscript
ong Le Duc Trach was" Lettering for aware of the format ", or it can be understood to be a marrow - work official In a specialized agency drawing in the Nguyen Dinh Dinh district. This may be an agency in the inspection team of Hue Kinh Thanh Hue. This is a poetry that illustrates a colorful poison is an unprecedented dermis ever published since completed at the end of the 19th century (1897) . E. Giibert was the one who promoted this rare unique project with admiration to Luc Van Tien poetry in particular, and the classic works of Vietnam in general. According to decoding materials, E. Gibert to the first time from 1890 - 1892. At the second time, Gibert was appointed governor of artillery in Hue, and stayed in the period from 1895 - 1897.In this second stay, he Suggested that Painter Le Duc Trach performed the paintings in the style of "Western" traditional Western lighting draft. In addition, there is another anonymous artist who has made some simpler marks at the bottom of the page. "Luc Van Tien fairies" has a total of 1,200 colors and 633 motifs made by Painter Dinh Hue and Captain E . GiBert coordinated to implement, completed in 1897. The city of the decoding of the Far East Far Eyinologists, the draft "Luc Van Tien fairy" completed on June 18, 1897 . Front each illustrated page is inserted an empty page, used to Captain E. Gibert wrote notes explained. Another sheet of paper is inserted to protect the illustrations of Le Duc Trach. The manuscript is read from top to bottom, from right to left. The book is handmade and closed with a cardboard. Van Tien is the famous poetry of the poet Nguyen Dinh Chieu. Despite blind eyes from 27 years old (1849), but in the situation of decadiander, Nguyen Dinh Chieu had to teach, while making medicine to make a living and composed. Luc Van Tien poetry was composed in the range Time from 1851 to 1859, by reading back for students and friends when copying, becoming a folk literary work.Theo GS Phan Huy Le, the first Nôm version published by the writer Duy Minh Thi (a French administrative officer) collected, corrected and engraved in Bao Hoa Version (China) around 1864. In 1865 reprinted in Cho Lon because of Quang Thanh bookstore published. The transcription to Gustave Jan-Neau's first national language in Saigon in 1867 and printed in Paris in 1873. In 1883, Abel des Michels published Luc Van Tien's publication in three languages: Nôm, National phonetic language and French translation. When Nguyen Dinh Chieu lost, 1889 scholars Truong Vinh Ky collected, referring to the versions and adjusted, published in Saigon "Luc Van Tien Story". This is considered the most valuable national text text. E. Giibert's Draft has provided a Nôm text named Lang Van Duong that Le Duc Trach used. The origin of the manuscript of Lang Van Duong is still unknown, and despite being a deformity but the pictures illustrated by Le Duc Trach have a great contribution. The Luc Van Tien poetry of Nguyen Dinh Chieu is a classic work of Vietnamese literature. However, the special thing in the manuscript is forgotten to illustrate the whole poem more than 2,000 sentences. After the discovery of Prof. Phan Huy Le, the Far East Union Far Eyinology has coordinated with the French Institute and Organization Library. A research project and announced the manuscript illustration of Luc Van Tien.

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