Little Stories Know About The Nationwide Secret Owner (continued And Out)

Remembering Ngo Dien diplomat, Mr. Nguyen Chien Thang, former Vietnamese envoys in Cambodia writes: 'Fate has attached a diplomatic activity life of Ngo Dien Ambassador to Cambodia until he ends the term water. By November 1991, he had 18 years of serving in this country, calculated with a third of the revolutionary activity time and a quarter of his life of Mr. '. Vat Truong Son to work for diplomacy Tet Mau Ty (in 1948) was not long, Mr

. Ngo Dien was appointed to participate in a cadres of 10 people abroad to do diplomatic work to serve the propaganda of the resistance of the Vietnamese people. The delegation consists of Nguyen Chuong (later as Deputy Minister of Agriculture), Le Duc Tun (later as General Department of Sports), Song Tung (later as Deputy Head of the Central Committee), Hoang Nguyen (Department Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Nguyen Minh, Nguyen Mai .
. before the delegation on the road, President Ho Chi Minh had a separate letter to instruct, including the following: "Comrades must always remember: I'm the great Tell your patriotic youth, go out to help your brothers work, to bring the fathers of the country for overseas Vietnamese and to help them, to propagate the youth and for the whole Vietnamese nation ". Received the Medal of Sahahetrei Mahasena to gather Ngo Dien Ambassador in Hanoi (August 28-8-2020) - Photo: Km, including two stages: the first phase from Vietnam to the delta, overcome the temporary French area Zone III to enter the inter-region IV and stage two surpasses paint, Xuyen Laos to Thailand. Together to guard the delegation has a military guardian platoon. Before leaving, each person was divided into a got of 7kg of rice, 2 dry beef balls and pepper salt. Recalling this journey, Ngo Dien Doctor's diplomat: "The heaviest is still" she seven ", ie 7kg of rice on people to feed himself in the overcoming schools. I only remember two verses in my poem I "seven seven" poem at that time: Enthusiastic boys overflowing from the seven beautiful seven love! "Trans-Lao Lao road, the group turned to go dark, day off Back in the forest. Darkness, delegation on the road. A Laotian person guide the delegation to overcome the road more than 20km leading to the banks of the Mekong River. When leaving the forest, it was dark, the diplomatic diplomat later looked at the ball before the steps
Knowing how difficult the delegation encountered, sometimes the navigation is still in the direction of unknown to go on to go again .::::::::::::::::::::::: " Classified into groups at Kieu Nu house. About two three weeks later, we were taken to NOong Khai, then landed a train to bore ". Vat Truong Son to work diplomatic successfully, Mr. Ngo Dien was assigned to improve the form of" News Vietnam " The Vietnam Information Department is based in Bangkok (Thailand). This room is located in Bangkok Capital by Mr. Nguyen Duc Ky. Later about water, Mr. Nguyen Duc Quy as Deputy Minister of Culture. The last stop of Mr. Ngo Dien in 1950 when he arrived in China, he became officials of the Vietnamese Embassy in China to have just been established, established and representatives of Vietnam News Agency and Newspaper People in Beijing.Where husband Ngo Dien Ambassador - Journalist Tran Thi Buyet in Cambodia (1979) - Family Documentary. Oh, I miss 1979, Mr. Ngo Dien to Cambodia. He witnessed the pain of the genocide to the people of your country. The landscape wandered on the roads in the hell in the hell and the whole traces in some places where his feet passed. Escort, he recorded: "The black shadows quietly go, find a piece of life / towel a torn a torn on the head / from the dead back, where are you going." Back to the house he used to stay 17 years ago (as the first representative of Vietnam News Agency in Cambodia in 1956 and worked here for 6 years), now only a quiet scene. So is the surrounding houses too. "Keeping the old way, he dedicated step by step / staircase kitchen, a front porch / where the gentle mother and her mother-eye girl / with a hand lift the beam of the head of the head". At another house, a Western reporter found a student board with French poems that a Cambodian baby copied, the letters filled with roofs, innocent poetry. "On the small table, the letters don't finish /" I love my house to head "/ I have anyone or a puzzle buried?" Emotion caused the Ambassador Ngo Dien written into "poem return to Phnompenh", he signed the south as his youngest son and donated his son Mekong, the result of love on the Mekong river from more than 20 Last year, now also entered the Cabinet. Dong Ngo Dien was assigned as Deputy Board B68 (alias of the Vietnam Advisory General in Cambodia) the agency under the Party Central Politburo in the new work to help Cambodia revolution Anti-Pon Poana. Vietnamese experts must quickly help you build a staff of the staff. The thing is distributed by Ang-Ca. During the period 1

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