Livelihood Garden – Sustainable Poverty Orientation For Union Members And Young People

For the purpose of supporting union members and young people (DVTN) with difficult circumstances. In 2021, the Provincial Youth Union implemented the model of 'livelihood garden' to support many grassroots levels. This is an open-oriented model to escape poverty, rising to stabilize the life of difficult, ethnic minority ethnic minority. . Road to Mr

. Nguyen Van Tam house, Group 12, Phuoc Hung hamlet, Tam Phuoc commune, Long Dien district, must after a few inquiries, we have arrived in time when he is taking care of chrysanthemum pots. Idic meticulously trimmed deep leaves, Mr. Tam has just added to the root of the pots of daisies, pink,
.. so that the tree grows well, flowering at the time of the Lunar New Year 2022. This is the number of seedlings The Provincial Youth Union was in the late October 2021. The family was in a difficult situation, after finishing high school, he was tamed to study, asking for a clock to help his family. Overtime go to the clock, availability of small land in front of the house, spare time, he planted flowers. In 2020, he was supported by the Tam Phuoc Tin Commune to accept VND 25 million from district Socialization Bank, to buy seeds of chrysanthemum and marigolds. He studied the knowledge of planting, how to apply a flowering tree at the right time and achieved high efficiency. He also casting pots planting plants to save costs. Last year, he was tamed to plant 1,000 daisies sold in the Lunar New Year
This year, there are additional sources of support from the "Livelihood Garden" of the Provincial Youth Union, he is planting more than 2,000 of the elevated chrysanthemum pots and marigolds, a few hundred rose pots and life life; At the same time, there are about 1,500 pots of chrysanthemum of all kinds for sale. All of the above numbers are growing very well. He mentally calculated: "From now on to Tet, the favorable weather is that the flower of my family will be sold to the market. Expected, after deducting costs, I profit more than 10 million VND to shop for Tet. Thank you to the delegation to support my nursery ". "Livelihood tree garden". She said, her house has more than 5 acres of land to grow pepper. Previously, pepper growing was considered a traditional and key job of the family. In recent years, due to adverse weather, accompanied by complex epidemics, pepper planting does not bring high productivity. Ms. Phuong has renovated 5 sao land of corn growing and now wants to continue navigation more suitable, to develop family economy. Supported by the province over 100 butter plants, she planted intercropping with corn ... "With the amount of avocado seeded, I have a stable job. Besides taking care of corn, I will take a good growing avocado garden, looking forward to a stable family economy, "said Ms. Phuong Tam, Ms. Phuong was the first two young men to be supported by the province Seeds and seedlings for economic development in the model "Livelihood Garden". In addition, other replications are also donated "male medicinal plant nursery", each model is worth 5-8 million dong. Before giving seedlings, the Provincial Youth Union examined the land fund, the planting position and demand of the nature Need support to provide seedlings suitable for soil, climate. The base delegation connects the farmer's association to join the cultivation technical classes. The members who benefit benefit are responsible for taking good care of the gardens, conveying experience and supporting labor with other union members ... Ms. Ho Thi Anh Tuyet, Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union said: "Garden Livelihoods "are one of the activities to support poor and ethnic groups in the province. Through this model, the next time the Provincial Youth Union will replicate, and coordinate with additional units to support the needs, through which, helping them have the opportunity to develop household economy and rise stabilize life, stick with the delegation, society, photo: Diem Quynh

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