Livelihoods From Mangrove Forests

A new day for Ms. Nguyen Thi Ca in Thon 8, Nga Lien Commune (Russia Painted) is a racquet preparation and streak, cycling to mangrove forests inside and outside the district to catch a cousin, crabs, pick up screws And soil clam ... accompanied she was Nguyen Thi Ai in Thôn 7 and Nguyen Thi Nhi, Thôn 5 in the same commune, forming a torque team under mangrove canopy

. Along with a number of other labor groups in the coastal communes of Nga Son and Hau Loc district, Ba Ca and the two friends considered a 'profession', so that the family has 'co-finished', no longer Audio 9: 00/4: 20 Southern Labor Labor Labor Labor Labor Labor Births in Russian Mangrove Forest. In a double protection boots to avoid oyster shells and sharp objects under mud, women at the age of Week, weeks began to wade coastal mangrove forest in the district. Under the forest canopy nearly a dozen meters, the harsh summer sun doesn't seem to penetrate hundreds of leaf floors so "her work environment", the sisters are quite cool
Let me grope under the mud, the labor constantly picked up the clams that were as big as the palm. Seeing the shadow, each fence of the fence fence runs away, hiding in the root system and the roots of treks. But by experience, the women know the cave mouths to pull out the biggest crustaceans with the red-colored red. According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhi, sometimes caught the big crab, sold a few hundred thousand dong. After a morning, the group of women sold for guests right at the forest cover about 15kg of clam land. This is the typical clam species of mangrove forests and brackish water areas bordering river and sea estuaries, often ordered by a seafood restaurant in Nga Lien and Russia Tan communes. The number of ceases and other aquatic species is taken to enter some familiar terms. According to the sharing of the workers, on average, a person with an average income is about VND 300,000. Every month, take the job of traveling about 10 days, each with an income of about 3 million dong
Going throughout the mangrove forests in the district, the women also crossed the battle of Nga Thuy commune, to the forests Mangrove in Hau Loc district to live. Mangrove forests on the side of Kim Son district of Ninh Binh province also become the exploitation of aquatic types of labor groups in Nga Son district. On the side of Hau Loc district, every day there are many ships through the boat, to the mangrove forest in Nga Son district to exploit whistle fish, snails, crabs ... years, aquatic species under mangrove canopy Renewed by re-established forests that are protected and developed all year-round years. According to find out, the mangrove forest in Nga Son district currently has an area of nearly 350 hectares and is continuing to be expanded. The length of the mangrove forest where this creek coast is more than 5km, through part of Russia Tan, Russia, Russia and Russia and Russia. "Green wall" where this door is grown since the 1995-1996 according to the Vietnam Red Cross sponsorship program. By the years 2005-2006, the forest continued to be intercropped and expanded by the project of planting a new 5 million hectares of the forest of the government. Particularly, Nga Thuy commune has the largest forest area with 290 hectares. After planting, forests are well protected, become ideal habitats for crustaceans, marshes of swamps, contributing to protecting and developing biodiversity, maintaining native aquatic species. Information from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nga Son District People's Committee, currently the forest is divided into 20 minutes to assign the contracted households to protect. Hau Loc district side, the mangrove forests run long from The end of the Len river in Da Loc commune, stretching down to Ngu Loc commune. The area along the door of Lach Truong river, the strips of a wide range of parrots, greening throughout Hoa Loc, Minh Loc and Hai Loc communes. Up to now, the area of Da Loc mangrove forest has reached nearly 400 ha ... In recent years, beekeeping activities under mangrove canopy thrive in many places in the province, which is typical Da Loc and Nga Thuy commune. Mr. Mai Van Cong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Nga Thuy commune, said: From about April to July every year is the time the mangrove trees are like silage, blooming parrots. Taking advantage of this, many families in the commune have developed honey bee farming, for high economic efficiency. House of Mr. Tran Thong, Trinh Thanh Khiet, Nguyen Van Re, Nguyen Viet Trung ... all developed dozens to hundreds of bees. The most typical in the commune is Mr. Nguyen Van enough in Hoang Long village that develops about 400 people, becoming a high-cost economic development model in the locality. At the present time, both Hau Loc and Nga Son districts Has been implementing procedures to propose to recognize mangrove honey into Thanh Hoa OCOP products. Not only economically, mangrove forests are promoting a huge role in anti-climate change, biodiversity protection, wind waves, storms, safety protection for dyke routes, Coastal residential areas and photos: Le Dong

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