Living With A Close Friend, A Female Student In The Neck Before The Bohemian Lifestyle, Unconsciousness Is Also Strict

The early days passed through smoothly, the girl still seemed to find a friend ideally with his years of college years. However, for a long time, her close friend begins to reveal bad habits to make the female student unable to stand up to 20: 00/2: 45 nam south with many students, the roommate is also a pretty problem Desorting when there are many "bad crying" stories related. If you're lucky to meet the kind of good room, understand the story of a few years of college to be lucky, passed through peace and peace. However, if unfortunately, a friend lacks consciousness, it can be hugged to the bureaucracy, while losing his friendship at first. It is also the story that a female student has just shared on MXH and quickly Get attention

. Accordingly, this female student and his friend since the level 3 rented together when he went to college.Banciful, because he found that his friend always dressed to the street, the family had conditions to trust his close friend Be a conscious and responsible person. Therefore, girls decided to hire accommodation with their close friends
The early days passed through smoothly, the girl still seemed to find a friend ideally with his years of college years. However, for a long time, her close friend began to reveal bad habits to make girls unbearable. "Peel off the septic" with the table, also a close friend from the level 3Theo female student, she Extremely bad friends such as: do not clean up the room, do not know how to cook, eat and drink, don't have a sense of cleaning, the clothes throw away and wait until the smell to smell, bring food up Beds make cow bit bite all the girls. Besides, close friends have a habit of "spending a pagoda" makeup, sanitary napkins, clothes but never considers female students. Bodyborn Also roommate in dirty, lack of consciousness. Artworks have stopped there, her close friend also takes a boyfriend about the shared inn and sex. It is worth mentioning, the condom after using it, hidden in the afternoon, when the female student asked, it said to "forget". When the epidemic outbreak, the female student returned to the countryside and her friend still stayed in the room. After that, her close friend served separately with her boyfriend but did not inform the female student, nor informed the innkeeper. When the host owners send a bills of money, electricity, water, a new female student with the amount to be closed
"I told my friends from the beginning if I wanted to move, let me notice Know the road but check out, trust your friends, so I don't catch it together. Now wait a way to get anyone to get the supplier, so I have to take out of the motel, the right people say not wrong "Never stay With a friend or youth friend ", the pressing schoolgirl shared. The dear friend of the female student always has money, and also proving that the female student" plays with you have a lover day "right after the story Appearing on MXH Improvement received a lot of interest of the online community. Many people showed an attempt to replace the female student by the attitude and action of the roommate. "Suddenly now see girls dressed The fragrant fragrant perfume was suspicious in the stomach. " The way of speaking her friend hears the right effect. False mischievous but also challenging, greeting too "" Agree with the point of view "Not staying with close friends, you level 3". This is considered a bloody lesson, the female student ".

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