Lo ‘elderly Breaking Wire’, Russia Proposed The Same American To Lower Diplomatic Stress

On December 3, the Russian Ambassador in USA Anatoly Antonov revealed that Moscow was proposing with Washington to the steps to cool the diplomatic tension. Russian ambassador in the US Anatoly Antonov. (Source: Thx) Specifically, Russian Ambassador in the US Anatoly Antonov said the two sides are continuing to discuss all restrictions on each other's diplomatic representations. Then, two The party will find a solution to the issue related to granting visas for each other's diplomats, in the context of more than 50 Russian diplomats facing the ability to leave the US in the next few months. However, Russian ambassador Also the information has not yet achieved significant progress in this regard

. On the day, the US Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman said the two countries have gained progress in dealing with the concerns the Embassy of each other , resulting in the US side to end the policy allows family members of American Embassy members in Moscow to leave Russia.Ruters reported progress on achieved after a meeting in Vienna (Austria) between Russian officials And a US delegation is by Deputy Foreign Minister in charge of European and Asia-Europe issues Christopher Robinson led. Before that, last August, the US Embassy in Moscow Applying policies to allow family members of Embassy members to voluntarily leave Russia, in the context of the two sides controversy on the term of diplomats at the Embassy of the two countries
In the email, the spokesman The US State Department stated: "After meeting in Vienna, the policy allows to leave Russia has ended. Other issues we are still exchanging. We also achieved a number of progress in the past days about bilateral relations and hope to continue to progress in that direction. "The diplomatic argument between Russia and the US took place in the context of the middle The two countries are assessed to be at the lowest level since the cold war due to relevant stress of some issues such as network security, Syria and Ukraine. On December 1, Russia asked US diplomatic staff Has been in this country for more than 3 years before January 31, 2022. This move is supposed to respond to Washington's decision to limit the working time of Russian diplomats in the US. (According to Reuters)

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