Loan Type ‘mother Holding Child’!

Borrow money to be promoted to Thanh Khe? - Is this, March-2021, Mr. Nguyen Dinh H. (Resident P. Tan Chinh, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang) with a need to borrow money to find commercial banks on Hung Vuong Street (Da Nang) Borrowing procedures. After the agreement, Mr

. H. The credit officer guided the necessary procedures, pledged to disburse on time at the request of the borrower without any further request. However, approaching Mr
H. Need to do money to do the job, the credit staff asked to sign a life insurance contract with P., the bank side completed the disbursement procedures Loan.- Loan and insurance to insurance are two different areas. Why are so grossing? - Then to say, what many people are pressing is that the credit officer to the "final" to announce the purchase of life insurance as a mandatory requirement for banks to disburse It is like installing a trap, forcing customers. - What does the banking industry lead? - According to the representative of the State Bank of Da Nang, the issue of a number of commercial banks forced borrowers to buy life insurance It has been repeatedly reminded by the State Bank, required not to be implemented. Because lending and buying insurance is a separate field, there is no opposite of each other. Therefore, what banks deliberately pressed customers to buy insurance when borrowing is wrong ..
- My surface noticed, the mentioned commercial bank forced him H. to buy life insurance and before Disbursement of loans is not in accordance with regulations. Because according to Article 2, Official Letter No. 7928 of the State Bank of Vietnam issued on October 30-20, there are requirements: Strictly handling "pressing" cases, forcing customers to buy life insurance and the insurance Other types of insurance when granting credit to customers ..., compulsory compulsory purchase insurance with credit granting for customers. Thinking, the State Bank needs to take preceding measures so that people who need loans from expensive.

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