Localities Are Only Allowed To Express Them When Meeting Sufficient Regulations

According to the Ministry of Finance, the provincial-level budget in each locality is only allowed to express to meet the requirements and conditions of the State Budget Law, as well as documents guiding the implementation. Localities, to ensure public debt safety. Photo: TL.Theo, Based on the public debt balance limit, the ability to borrow in the country, arrange debt repayment, the locality proposes the total loan demand in 2022, including the demand for loan offset Provincial books (if any) and borrowers to repay the original debt. In the priority of loans from foreign loans have been signed and have a disbursement plan in 2022

. On that basis, the Ministry of Finance , Expected the level of state budget overspending (state budget) in general, including overspending of the central budget (NSTW) and overspending of the local budget (NSDP), the level of overspending of each locality ( If applicable), to submit to the competent authority for consideration and decision. On the basis of the Debit League of NSDP estimates until December 31, 2021, the demand for loans for development investment in 2022 and debt repayment capacity In the medium term of NSDP, localities must fully assess the impact of NSDP debt before proposing new loans, ensuring local loan outstanding levels not exceeding the maximum balance of debt according to the prescribed regime . Case of debt balance limit of NSDP estimates n On December 31, 2021 exceeding the regulatory regime, in the local 2022 budget estimate must spend a part of the income source of NSDP entitled to decentralization (bumulch of NSDP), collecting budget residues last year to father Increasing the principal payment, ensuring the balance of debt does not exceed the local debt balance limit according to regulations
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