Located Green Check-in As Japan In The Heart Of Hanoi, Too Integrated To Capture ‘anime’ Photos!

Picture of picturesque green grass in Ngoc Thuy (Long Bien District, Hanoi) made believers who love Japanese animated films enjoying 'Check-in'. Recently, Hanoi young people marched each other "check-in" at a beautiful location is not inferior to Japanese comics. This coordinates have been famous for a long time with a poetic, blue and charming scenery that is no different from a small corner of the land of the sun. This place is a dyke covered with cool green grass and steps that make "virtual live" believers because of beautiful as amine (cartoon) Japan. To reach the photo shoot, you will pass through Chuong Duong Bridge, right at the foot of the bridge with a turn to Ngoc Thuy dyke, deep into the inside of about 500 meters, we will see a lot of beautiful grass

. Here the grass grows quite high and green so the color shot up fresh. With a length of about 4km, Ngoc Thuy dyke has two sides of the grass growing green well, in the middle of the dyke built more concrete stairs to serve Demand for travel. Not only has the pure natural landscape that the lights when on the picture are also very poetic, similar to the context in Japanese movies
Hanoi weather has recently been harsh but the sky is very clear blue , Suitable for standing shape photography. You can come here about 7 - 8am or 17 pm that will be cool and more comfortable. Each season in the year, Ngoc Thuy dyke has a good dreamy beauty. If the fall is white of the cleaning grass, the summer is blonde of grass. The peaceful and clear dike frame makes many people think of the scenery of a Japanese countryside: in the blue sky, cool green grass, the stands stand still ... the picture here is peaceful, clear and sweet in the heart of the crowded capital, crowded. Photo: Bui Ngoc Cong, Thu Phuong Vu, Tran Anh Ngocnh Linh

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