Locations ‘must Stop’ When Traveling To Philippines

The Philippines is dubbed the tourist paradise of Asia with beautiful landscapes, special culture and rich cuisine. Famous attractions in the Philippines Below will promise to give you excellent travel experiences.0: 00/3: 37 nam1. NiagaraHTPS: //dulich.petrotimes

.vn/ Niagara is the waterfall of the Niagara River, the largest and most powerful in North America with a little mighty beauty matching. The Niagara consists of 3 separate waterfalls: nail waterfalls Horses are on Canadian side; The US Falls are located between the US-Canadian border and a smaller waterfall nearby are Bridal Veil Fall Falls. Although not high, the Niagara Falls are very wide: Horse waterfall is about 53m high, wider than 790m wide, and the US waterfall is 323m
.https: //dulich.petrotimes.vn/niagara is one of the world famous waterfalls course donated. Booking here in any season in the year, visitors will also be attracted by the majestic scenery and charm.2. Viganhttps: //dulich.petrotimes.vn/ northern Luzon Island, Vigan ancient city was built in 1572. This is one of the three oldest cities of the Philippines today with The mansion with a century, is the evidence of the Spanish featured architecture when the Philippines is also under the rule of the colonialism
With what is the most intact conservation in Asia, toxic architecture Naturally, Vigan Town is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage. You will be lost in the past when the steps on the old town, watching the houses are still preserved intact with ventilated wooden door frames, feeling still. Https: //dulich.petrotimes .VN / 3. Banauer terraced fields Banauu Ladder Banaue, an invaluable wondering not only of the Philippines tourism but also for humanity.https: //dulich.petrotimes.vn/ Truc Lai Banaue of IFugao people in the Philippines and have been public UNESCO Getting as a world heritage by massiveness with a height of thousands of meters showing ancient farming techniques created by very few tools, mostly manually. Banaue terraced terraces with a high level of sea surfaces are about 1,500m and an area of 10,360 km2 at the side of the mountains.https: //dulich.petrotimes.vn/ The terraced fields in IFUGAO are built according to the shape of the mountain It brings a perfect harmonious beauty between nature and human hand.4. Siargaohttps: //dulich.petrotimes.vn/ If you are a follower of adventure games, Siargao island is the most amazing destination Philippines for you. Here you can play surfing, diving, drop On the sea ... In addition, exploring the clear blue beaches, the primeval forest also the majestic waterfalls here are also an interesting experience.https: //dulich.petrotimes.vn/5. Bohol Socolate Hill is known as the 'eighth wonder of the world', Bohol Bohol Chocolate Hill is a famous tourist attraction that continues to attract attention because of its unique characteristics and scenery. .https: //dulich.petrotimes.vn/chocolate hills are called chocolate hills that are because of the hills, often covered in green grass, dry and turning chocolate brown in the dry season. There are more than a thousand hills spread over an area of 50 km2 in the towns of Carmen, Batuan and Sagbayan in Bohol. While the hills are different, look remotely, it seems they have a shape almost symmetrical. This leads to a majestic landscape that makes you think it is a creative created by people.https: //dulich.petrotimes.vn/6. Puerto Princeshttps: //dulich.petrotimes: //dulich.petrotimes.vn/This is a biodiversity conservation area. Area is about 222 km2 wide. Puerto Princesa River National Park is one of the 7 famous natural wonders recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage in 1999.https: //dulich.petrotimes.vn/ Puerto Princesa National River National Park is a system Long underground river and large underground cave. The mysterious cave was formed from limestone mountains that existed millions of years, very dangerous but still the pristine beauty of nature and mountains.https: //dulich.petrotimes.vn/ The middle of the cave has these The giant stone column is naturally formed from stalactites, visitors will be surprised by its majestic and wild beauty. Huong

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