Long Chau Island – Pristinous And Spectacular Beauty Between Lan Ha Bay

Long Chau Island also has another name is to roll a dragon eye or turn the lamp. Long Chau is the archipelago located in the southeast of Cat Ba Island and about 50 km from the center of Hai Phong city in / 1: 40 Nouthern region of Long Chau Islands on the island without residents living but only officers Sister holds a lighthouse. It is not a true tourist destination so the archipelago still retains the pronounced capital, the majestic beauty creates a donor. Less islands can keep the pristine beauty intact, the original architectural shape after the war stage. Because of that it comes to Long Chau Island, you will be immersed in space with only green sea with the distance Far there are fishermen's fishing boats anchoring on the sea

. Long Chau islands look from above. If you have come to this island, you must check the Long Chau Lighthouse - one of the lighthouses The oldest in Vietnam. This lighthouse was built in 1894 by the French and often called with a dinner name "Ngoc Long Chau's eyes"
And for decades, that lighthouse still plays a role in trees for tens of vessels and boats into the Northern Gulf Sea. Long Chau Lighthouse has an older than 100 years old. Road to Long Chau Lighthouse. Interesting things on this remote archipelago are very few plants. Limestone terrain is not suitable for grass plants developed. There is only one gray characteristic of cat ears and vegetables soil, some medicinal plants along with weeds. The property of Long Chau Island is a dish from mountain goat meat. Because plants are scarce, every grass here is a precious medicinal species, a mountain goat to eat leaves, so sweet and very firm meat. On the island only a restaurant, specialty is mountain goat. Also you should bring water because the island has no freshwater source
Beautiful beauty of the majestic, pristine of Long Chau. It should be noted that the weather and climate in the rock is quite harsh in the cold season, both A large island waters covered with white frost, creating a fanciful space scene so choosing to go in the summer will have the best vision to the sea.

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