Look At Birth Now To Go To The Fate Of Life: A Few Minutes Apart, But The Person Who Is Happy (p2)

In this article, it will mention the personality, the destiny of people with births from 11h to 23:00 dinner.0: 00/7: 26nam southhong Ngo (11h-13h) according to Horoscope hour, people born at hour Them often seemed to attract, enthusiastically, easily and always happy, creating sympathy with everyone. They stand out in the crowd thanks to fluent volatility, agile thinking. In addition, they are often helped by customers, a lot of luck in work and life. However, parents have children born during the hour often have a headache because of their childhood and hyperactivity when he was young

. Followed in 30, 32, 36, 49, usually about illness. If you are men, you have a good look, attraction, you don't like the noisy and bustling places. You are quite embarrassing in expressing thoughts into words, even if you want to express my feelings, you are quite afraid and have to find discreet places
If you are women, you have a delicate, soothing Should be very prosperous. You have a literary soul, but in love are difficult to express in the language. The temperament is sometimes a bit extreme, always wishing for the enemy to take the initiative. - Born at 11:00 - 11h40: You often have a forgiveness, easy to sympathy with others, so many people are helping, less Hanh in life, from small to large almost almost lived in leisurely, happy. - Born at 11h40 - 12h20: Life is not very happy but has a number of pre-suffering. - Birth at 12:20 - 13:00 : Bringing the moment of moment, the initial life is not very smooth, the career has a lot of difficulties, challenges, but the fortune is often late, when you come to age you will be safe and happy. Smells (12h- 15:00) Those who have sex hours are often introrient, tend to be more emotional than reason. You are a quick, smart person, what is also carefully calculated but do not know how to express the capacity to lose many good opportunities. You don't suit your parents, usually go to one of the two career paths and love. Film usually occurs in 19, 29 and 56 years old
If you are men, you are the one who likes adventurous, but there is little creative thinking, often following the old trails. You are the one who lives in love, in love they are also very sincere. If it is a female, you are less noticeable because you're always living in the opinion of others. You are rarely showing personal feelings, so in affection will often receive a lot of disadvantages. - Born at 13:00 - 13h40: You are quite harmonized with your parents, getting a lot of help from the family and the family Living quite safely, easy to play fortune. Youth of children face many difficulties, challenges but if they try to work in a common, easy to make a big middle age. - Born at 13:40 - 14h20: You don't suit your father but the line is quite careful going well. Initially, it could be difficult but later, the more and more and more and more, the truth was not as important. - Born at 14h20 - 15:00: You don't suit your mother, life is quite favorable when you are quarterly Fut the right to support. Between career and love, you can only focus on developing one of two and body (15h-17h) according to Horoscope hour of birth, people born on time are often quite funny, very good at communicating, mind fast Sensitivity should be easy to capture many people. Your job is less compassionate but you are suitable to go far and try in activities with active and dynamic properties. Film usually occurs in 19, 29 and 56 years old. If you are men, you are fetish love, ready to do it all to protect your love. If you are women, you are often confused Lợi, adorable, so many other people are attracted. - Born at 15:00 - 15h40: You have a mindful mind, doing anything thought is thoughtful to achieve success in life. There are times when you encounter difficulties but have been supported by the people, my children are full, and prosperous.- Born at 15:40 - 16h20: You have a parent, the family in the family is not very interesting so when it is difficult Towels are also difficult to get help. - Birth at 16h20 - 17:00: You have a parent's destiny, common in family life. By the age of 26, your life began to have good changes in love and career. Rooster (17h-19h) who was born at Rooster now, though there was a turbulence but not Make you collapse because you are always tremendous, bravery, decided not to turn. Follow limit on 22, 28, 38, 49 years old. If you are a male student, you are honest, strong, though not too romantic but very attentive, knowing care for everyone. Your careful career and the only disadvantage of you is or thinking, bringing a lot of confidences. If you are a female, you are often mischievous, lovely, vivacious, with ingenious speeches so "Mouth The mouth of the limb ".- Born at 17:00 - 17h40: You are smart, independent, hardworking. Life has a leisure, happy life.- Born at 17:40 - 18h20: You are a proud person, with a bicycle, suitable to lead and help people. In life, you

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