Look At This Point Immediately The Type Of Incompetent Man And The Leader

According to the generals, these are the bad guests of the man. If you encounter, women should stay away from 9: 00/2: 17 South regions to identify men's signs of chiefs, incompetence is essential. Help you make a better decision before going to marriage. Family roads of generals, men who have a narrow road are considered "typical" of those who have just been teased and suspicious and suspicious Looking at the very limited issue. Also, the man with this general always falls into a shortage of money because the lounge is not there, the whole life is hard to do so much

. No matter how much ambitions do not turn them into reality, only coal in the lucky number of lucky lucky. Living with this man, women will definitely fall into the tank. Not only rude, this person also said the difficult words to find women easily fall into the mental crisis state
Inadicing, lieutenant people with such an eye generals are often not decent, or incompetent Because, Chief. This person tends to deceive the lightweight women who believe, trick love. They may catch a lot of fish, like to do something like a stinging nature, stunned more clearly when they get married. They do not take care of their children as well as common activities that they usually only listen to the arrangement, the wrong parents of their parents. These people tend to like to keep money and manage spending in the family. The man noses and big fortune is usually not good at hard, diligent to so many times cannot be quite impulse. Jobs are cheating, doing business or losses, hard life. Please consider this feature to choose your fiancée. The eyebrows grows in turmoil, people with eyebrows growing disadvantages are classified as a fun, likes of strange, lazy, incompetent Use. No, men with this general will most of the dry, rigid people not flexible in work or in life, always think that they are right, despise or force their wife and children It must do this to do the other without a wide mouth but the lips are thin, delayed by a place to decide on a person's expressive ability
When watching the general of the face of a poor man, the big mouths but the thin lips will be a non-chantic person to say, or say the harsh words, lack of sympathy, like to trade behind the back and regularly talk about private life Others' adds it, if the corner of his mouth is late down, it is General Hao Tai Loc, Bao Phuc Ty Loc all drifted out, leading to a little money, a lack of life. Thanh Lan / VietNamNet

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