Looking At The Skin To Guess The Age, This Welding ‘beautiful Sister’ Has Entered The Four Weeks

Looking at the age of guessing, unable to believe this Korean 'beautiful sister' has entered the quartet to own the smooth skin like the baby skin, Song Hye Kyo is still loyal to fresh milk cleans every day Gong Hyo Jin applied the method of beautifying the skin thanks to cold heat. There was a beautiful skin that was difficult to keep the youthful skin in advance the impact of time was more difficult. However, these actresses of Kim Chi do it even though they have entered the age of U40.Song Hye Kyo: Wash their face with milk made here, in the series of disclosure moments for the latest role in The movie "Now, We Are Breaking Up", Song Hye Kyo impresses a strong, pure beauty. Although he has reached the age of 41, the actress is dubbed the "Korean-style security" still possesses transparent, white skin and has no signs of aging

. , The simple skin care secret of Korean beauty is using fresh milk to wash your face. After completing the cleaning step with mild cleanser, actress applied evenly on the face to combine with gentle massage operations, then rinse with clean water again. Fresh milk contains lactic acid content not only helps clean sebum and dirt, remove dead cells on the surface but also lighten the skin
At the same time, the protein and fat in milk also play the role of a humid level, helping the skin to shine and stay healthy.Lee Yo Won: Use the youngest toe to apply the cream to be admired with the young beauty even though As a maternal mother, actress "Queen Seon Deok" continues to make netizens with the latest post on her latest post on Instagram. In the picture, Lee Yo Won exudes a lovely, lovely look like a 20-year-old girl. In an interview with Cosmopolitan Korea magazine, actress shared the secret to get the beauty "backward aging "Like this is thanks to that she never affects too strong force on the skin. Facials are very vulnerable if we just rub it. Therefore, from the ice cream step for a fragile eye skin to the steps of apparatus, Lee Yo Won only uses the youngest toe to limit the impact force to the skin.Lim Soo Jung: Eat a vegan Add a "beautiful sister" to prepare to re-export the screen in the near future. It was Lim Soo Jung, beauty with beauty like gods forgotten. Although I was U40, Lim Soo Jung looked beautiful and fresh like his twenties with white skin and wavy long hair. There is a special method, the non-age skin of the actress is the result of the actress Perennial vegetarian diet
With a vegan menu, Lim Soo Jung added a large amount of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. This diet reduces hormone disorders, providing vitamin and mineral skin, while eliminating toxins accumulating in the body. As a result, her skin is healthy, bright, maintained with elasticity and humidity from deep inside.Gong Hyo Jin: Beauty with cold heat Heat Film - Gong Hyo Jin is not only admired by The sublimation career but also because the beauty is increasingly "raised" despite stepping through the age of 40. Besides the fresh face is difficult to mix, the pink pink stretch skin of the actress is what every woman Already wants. Beauty with cold heat is the key to make beautiful skin like Gong Hyo Jin. She often embed the bleaching cotton into the water and put in a rocky for a while, then covered the face and the skin around her eyes for about 10 minutes. In this way, the actress limited the skin of oil pouring. Cold thermal therapy also works to reduce the puffiness, bring a feeling of refreshment and radiance for immediate skin. Implementation: Phuong Ha

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