Looking Back At Los Angeles Auto Show 2021: Vinfast ‘sucks’ International Media

After more than 10 days of opening, the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021 event closed and the Vietnamese car company became one of the criteria of international media at the most prestigious automobile exhibition in the world this year.0: 00/4: 12 Southern "revolutionary" Vinfasts of Vinfasts, but the world media for Vinfast has begun right from the moment before Vietnamese automaker has an impressive debut at La Auto Show . CNN opened "wave" by interview with Michael Lohscheller, Global Vinfast CEO. "Vinfast Vietnamese tram producers have a great American dream, which is attacking the US market with 2 electric vehicles SUV ", CNN reported about Vietnamese automakers before the exhibition and the Global Vinfast CEO said that Vinfast wants to bring to the US a world-class product with reasonable prices and perfect services . The strategy of Vietnamese carmakers is also highly appreciated before arriving in the world's most difficult market like the United States

. "Vinfast hired executives, engineers and designers from all over the world to Help them understand consumers in markets like USA and Europe, making market entry better, "CNN said.When Vinfast launches VF E35 and VF E36 cars in Los Angeles, specialized Italy Italy is Automoto calling Vinfast as a "revolutionary new car company". This newspaper appreciates the design of electric cars from Vietnam, by the famous Pininfarina studio
Features in VF E 35 and VF E36 are long LEDs that form V in the center are very easy to recognize wherever - the newspaper describes. Also about design, caradisiac - one of the top specialists About French cars have their own analysis of VF E35. In addition to the exterior, the interior of Vinfast tram impressed with the French newspaper. The spaciousness of the rear seats on Vinfast electric vehicles compared to Caradisiac with the effect on limousines.Driving - Canadian Famous Automotive News page The Global CEO Vinfast Lohscheller said, Vinfast is very confident when walking The US market, approaching global reach. One of the establishments that make this page believe in Vinfast is that Vinfast has shone with the world's leading partners, holding the core technology of electric vehicles is super fast and solid battery. "There is a certainty, Vinfast does not lack ambitiousness, the future is very promising," Canada's specialist comment. Vinfast's goods in the world of international media on the first day Launched in La Auto ShowVing Korea, Vinfast will challenge Tesla right at Vinfast's prospects, Caradisiac spends a lot of expectations for Vinfast's landing at La Auto Show 2021. Vinfast's strategy impresses Caradisiac by caradisiac Through the company's direct network. Vinfast plans to open 60 showrooms in California in the future
In France, Vinfast put the first showroom in the Paris area. "It will be a mistake if despises the newcomer", the French newspaper said. Additional analysis of Vinfast's unique battery hire policy, the Financial Financial Times big financial newspaper, the presence of Vietnamese car companies At Los Angeles's "Silicon Beach" is "a good news for the California automotive industry". Place the Vietnamese car company next to Tesla, BusinessInsider, the world's leading electronic newspaper in finance, business news That Vinfast is "challenging" Tesla right at home. The world famous newspaper mentions three core factors that make Vinfast's strengths, which is to provide consumers a fascinating world-class product, reasonable prices and excellent customer service. At the macro perspective, the rice expert Mike Rutherford commented on the famous Auto Express Automotive magazine (England) that Vinfast invested in the field of automobile intelligently. "Vinfast's cars are surprisingly beautiful," said Mike Rutherford. Tung Mike Rutherford said every of the world's new automobile manufacturing centers like Korea, Japan, China. He also visited India and Vietnam to witness the automotive industry in these two countries. Since then, according to the expert, "Vinfast is having great platforms to help Vietnam better in the next decade, compared to what it has brought to Korea in the past decade." Auto Express "Bet" Vietnam will be a country with the automotive industry in the Top 4 of Asia. With smart trams integrating "technology for life '", eco-friendly The school and carrying the message "Future of moving", Vinfast is expected by the world media to be the factor to help the electric car era coming sooner than the estimate.

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