Looking Back At The Moved Images At The First Olympic Period In Japan

The 18th Olympic Games in Japan in Japan in 1964 were the first time a sporting event held in Asia. The 18th Olympic Games held in Tokyo from October 10-24 / 10 / 1964. The reason for the event was held in October rather than in July, as Olympic Tokyo 2020 because the organizers wanted the hot weather of the summer months and the storm season September. This is the first time a sports event Size is held in Asia. Olympics 1964 attracted the participation of 5,151 athletes from 93 countries, participating in the competition at 163 contents

. Was given the right to reorganize the summer Olympics in 2020. But due to the impact Of Pandemic Covid-19, the event was moved to 2021.Not like the previous Olympics, Olympic Tokyo 2021 will take place without the participation of the audience
Blue Impulse, the team performances Japanese air troops, painted in the sky symbolic circles of the 1964 Olympics on the opening day of 10/10/1964. (Source: Reuters) The balloon flooded the sky on the Japanese national stadium during the opening ceremony. (Source: Getty Images) Woman wearing traditional Japanese costumes at the opening ceremony. (Source: Getty Images) Yoshinori Sakai athletes are considered a symbol of Japan's revival after World War II when he is the last reorganization, lighting the Olympic Torch at the National Stadium in Tokyo . Mr. Sakai was born in Hiroshima on June 6, 1945 - it was also the time when the United States dropped atoms in this city. (Source: AFP) Fitness gymnastics performances during the opening ceremony. (Source: AP) American sprint Athletes Edith McGuire won the 200-meter wide range of women in the Tokyo 1964 Olympics. She also won a silver medal at 100 meters. (Source: Getty Images) outside Yoyogi National Arena designed by Kenzo Tange
This is also the place where underwater and basketball competitions take place. (Source: Getty Images) Italy athletes visit Tokyo during the Olympic attendance. (Source: Getty Images) Walter Kostner 'German-flying athletes' flying' in the match against Jerzy Pawlowski Polish people. (Source: AP) Mealing athletes at Sakura Restaurant, one of the three restaurants at the Olympic Stay Center. (Source: Getty Images) Exercise racing athletes in Tokyo. (Source: Getty Images) Gregory Ruth American wrestlers (left), fighting Sereeter Danzandarjaa of Mongolia. (Source: AP) Olympic Tokyo in 1964 was the first time that appeared new content, including Judo male and volleyball. In the photo is Brazilian volleyball Athlete Ramalho Oliveira (Austria number 8) blocks a battle of Japanese rival Terushia Moriyama. (Source: Getty Images) Prince Thailand Birabongse Bhanudej plays in the Boat Department along with Princess Arunee and Prateep Areerob. (Source: Getty Images) Successfully demonstrated the capacity of organizing a world-class sports event like the 1964 Summer Olympics gave Japan 3 prestigious awards of the International Olympic Committee ( IOC), including merit, Olympic Cup and Bonacossa title. (Source: Getty Images)

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