Looking Back At The Vietnam Stock Market Yet Made

Although it wants to have the stock market soon, the choice of the central leader day is to build carefully, certainly, go step by step. On the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the State Securities Commission, Financial Investment Magazine - VietnamFinance sent to a special thematic reader on the construction and development journey of Vietnam's stock market, among the market In the development stage, the development is very exciting in: 00/6: 38 South regions with many difficulties since "pregnancy", Vietnam's stock market today has become a modern and steamed investment channel leads. The first years of the 1990s, the Governor of the State Bank decided to establish a group specializing in research and research on the stock market (stock market); Assigned to the Economic Research Department and some other cases and departments are responsible for forming a project to build stock market in Vietnam. "We start from the number 0", Ms. Duong Thu Huong, former Deputy Governor The State Bank, the Preserves of the Economic Research Department, told the Financial Investment Magazine

. The process of finding comedy to Vietnam stock market is described by Ms. Huong as "too many difficulties", difficulties awareness, consensus, material conditions, technical conditions, on officials, regarding leadership and direction .
. by that time, Vietnam is almost unknown about market economy, not yet available The law on market economy, everything is still in the process of building and converting. Even "stocks" is also from sensitive, causing concerns because of the deception, breaking has taken place in many stocks around the world. But these difficulties cannot prevent the formation of Vietnam stock market, because it is inevitable from the needs of the economy during the transition period into the market economy. From the perspective Point ... A meeting to discuss how to create capital for economic development has been taking place in early 1991, with Mr. Do Ten's presence - then Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Mr. Trang Ngoc Xuan - Minister, Chairman of Foreign Cooperation and Investment Committee; Mr
Do Quoc Sam - Minister, Chairman of the State Planning Committee; Mr. Ho Ta - Minister of Finance and Mr. Le Van Chau - then deputy governor of the State Bank. In the meeting, many opinions proposed to continue issuing national bonds. But through exchanges, the issuance of national bonds in the same way as before not. At that time, Mr. Le Van Chau proposed to build the stock market because this was an inevitable step of a country to develop in the direction of the market economy. The chairman of the Council of Do Ten agreed and assigned the tasks to build the title The establishment of the stock market for 4 coordinated agencies including: State Bank, Ministry of Finance, Central Economic Committee, National Monetary Finance Council. In particular, the State Bank and the Ministry of Finance shall be assigned to establish a working committee to prepare for the development of the Scheme on establishment of Vietnam stock market. In fact, not only in the North but in the South also prepared one Scheme to form the stock market. In August 1992, an urgent meeting on the stock market was taken place in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City under the chair of Mr. Nguyen Vinh Nghiep, Chairman of the City People's Committee. Ho Chi Minh City at the time. This meeting brings a feeling of "just hazardous enjoyment" for Mr. Bui Nguyen Hoan, Director of Head - Head of Representative Office of the SSC in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM (that time is working at the State Bank of Ho Chi Minh City. HCM). "Exciting because private businesses are growing like mushrooms but lack of severe capital, they have heard of financial institutions Hey, "he revealed in the recording of the sector to look back at the Stock Exchange of the SSC. The meeting mainly questioned the urgency of capital mobilization for the economy, without documents. Many comments agree with the Chairman of the City People's Committee. HCM, want tp. Ho Chi Minh City has a securities trading center to create capital for businesses; There is an idea to do it right away, but many people are skeptical because "What does the socialist regime do the stock market". Early the City People's Committee Chairman. Ho Chi Minh City has been concluded: "The city will apply for the Government to pilot a stock market to make money to share the equitization and mobilization program for the economy, with the name of TP Securities Trading Center . HCM ". A steering committee consists of 9 members by Chairman of the City People's Committee. Ho Chi Minh City Nguyen Vinh Nghiep is the head of the committee and a drafting committee of 5 members by Mr. Tran Travel, Director of TP Economic Institute. Ho Chi Minh City is the head, established. By June 1993, the project was completed, Chairman of the City People's Committee. HCM launched Hanoi to the government. Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet then gave a very remarkable conclusion: "The stock market is a direct-related institute to the property of the people, so it has to do it, do not try it, Do not pilot. The stock market is the whole country but cannot be its own. HCM ". Finally, the Prime Minister assigns the State Bank to research and build Vietnam stock market. The governor of Cumists cum quickly issued a decision to establish a research team to develop the project to establish a stock market in Vietnam, only by Deputy Governor Le Van Chau

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