Looking Forward To A Double With Jae Eon In ‘nevertheless’ Is No Different From ‘ha Ly To Love The Deputy Care’

After the quarrel in the pouring of Yu Na Bi (Han Soo Hee) and Park Jae Eon (Song Kang) in the set of 'Nevertheless', the reviewer was regretful if they really had anyone Webtoon's ending. However, why does Na Bi have to ignore a better choice, firmly love a damaged guy like Jae Eon? 0: 00/0: 00 nannevertheless domain (although knowing) capital from a fascinating work with Visual Of the potential young troops but the more later it is showing strength. Song Kang's acting and Han Soo Hee did not really convince, and just scored here with the fragmentation in the rain. It is not to mention, the film content causes clams when only revolving the relationship "Leaving, Wang, Crime" of Na Bi and Jae Eon. Before the broken sign of the couple, many viewers still want the main female Go to the main male, despite what he did with Na Bi

. However, if this wish of viewers came into reality, what is the message of Nevertheless's message? It must be said that Jae Eon is too talented to pursue Na Bi, but remember that the damaged guys like Jae Eon have Can conquer every girl "clapping" Na Bi - mere, pure, wholeheartedly with love - "as easy as hand". Women are hard to resist the attraction of bad boys because they always know how and sufficiently to find their way into the hearts of women. So, the love of Na Bi for Jae Eon is more sympathetic
Her forgiveness is for the person I love, giving him the opportunity to turn around this time until another can be understood. The name talks about the relationship of Ha Nghe (Thai Van Tinh) and the Deputy Practice ( Banh Quan Anh) of under the sun. This is a movie that causes fever and voted as a convulsive project that adheres to the most viewed part of 2020. In particular, the acting of the British banh is praised by the fans. The movie broke out a debate, that Ha Nghe should give up the husband in the first place to love with the deputy hormonal? And the audience supports a girl who loves the fucking man, who has a plot Husband and her violence, harming her husband, doing everything to destroy her life is said to be a "Tam Quan" (the world of concerns, concerns and concerns) are deviant. If the main female president of the South is ie saying she suffered from Stockholm syndrome, the psychological state of the victim from hate, herself moving to the heart, worshiping himself. This goes against the purpose of the movie and the message except the fierce crime of the author.So about the toxicity of a relationship, Na Bi - Jae Eon is still "healthy" Compared to Ha Nghe - Deputy Dish. However, the general denominator of these two cases, that girls have the right to choose to give them good things in this life. Try exiting the world full of obsession with Jae Eon of Na Bi to ask yourself, that some of us still love a bad guy? Will we have enough content to forgive every mistake, from how much he denies the existing relationship, to flirt with the number of other girls? Na Bi has the right to give Her choice (back to men like Webtoon or for male main chance), but the message of this choice does not stop at the screen
NeverTheless can beautify the viewer by terminating Song Kang's "male main male" series. But no matter what reason, all the display on the screen is hard to satisfy the audience, who expects a realistic message and inspires more. Learn to be responsible for your choice, even more expectation in Nevertheless seems to be Hoai Cong.

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