Loose Menu: Attractive Dishes On Rain

The rice menu this afternoon includes: Ribbed bulls gingerly, beans Cove stir-fried pig heart, the horizontal pavilion cooking / 00/3: 48 nam nuocan bullshop ginger loot illustration. Photo source: internet material: 1 kg cow tendon1 bull spice package store1 Pentecostal pneumatic package, exhaust, ginger picked up and smashing1 carrots, 1 onion, two potato tubers 3. Tomato fruit1 Liter of fresh coconut water Taste: powder, main noodles, pepper, cooking oil: Cow tendons washed with salt water diluted to deodorize bad odors. Then put the crawl with a pot of water with water that must be enough to be cow. In that 1 tablespoons of soup, 1 tablespoon of seasoned seeds with a little ginger, boiled the tendon of ripe and ripened to get out to drain

. Render the shell washed or trimmed or trimmed with arbitrarily, onion peeling Thai vertical, peeled potatoes wash the square pieces (not to be too young the vegetable materials too baby). Tomatoes Wash clean, Thai cau. Trixed with spices of bulls, five flavors, garlic, discharge, ginger, spices on cow tendons, both hand to marinate for 30 minutes for crucified spices
Go to the kitchen, heat the cooking oil and then garlic smashes into a fragrance. Next, hurried into stir-frying quickly until the discharge also leaned yellow. Next, for the cow tendon marinated into fried quickly until the tendon was absorbed, the aroma was fragant. Warehouse, then for coconut water and taste spices to eat. For carrots, onions, potatoes, tomatoes into the cow tendon. Cover and cook on medium heat. When the ribbed pot is boiled, remove small fire, tunnel until the tendons and soft ripe vegetables, check the seasoning to taste the spices for just eating is. Lady of the bull with the bowl, sprouting pepper and vegetables above so that the more beautiful dish is. Cove fried with a heart illustration. Photo Source: Internet Data: Heart Heart 1/2 CAGAN Pig 150g Booming Japanese 150Private Red Yellow Bell 1/3 LAND FOR A TYPE 1/2 LETTERS Purple Furvada 1/2 Sale: Onion, cilantro attached: White rice : Operating minced garlic, pepper, oyster, powder, horny chili, cilantro, cooking oil, a relatively thoughtful road and liver sliced, marinated 1m minced garlic, 1 / 2m target, 1m soy sauce, 1m powder Feature, 1m of oyster oil
Leave 10 minutes. Before frying 1m extra dry capacity. Cove cuts 5cm. Fiber cutting bell peppers. Fragrant fiber. Onion purple cut small fan roots. Onion leaves, small cuttings.phi fragrant 1m onion minced garlic with 2m cooking oil, giving the liver heart into stir-fry to the big fire, adding purple onion, pouring out. Cove, fragrant wedge 1m seasoning seeds, 1 / 2m soy sauce, 1m road. When vegetables are just ripe. For the liver heart back to the joint pan, turn off the fire now. The horizontal scorching illustration. Source: Green Electric Machine Data: The horizon 1 Fresh incense 7 Paotom 7 has 2 branches 2 branches of 2 teaspoons with a few fish sauce 1 tablespoons doing: Fresh incense mushrooms buy with thin salt water for about 5 minutes, then Rinse with clean water, and then cut it 4. Scrub clean, cut off 2 heads, then cut in half. Continue to cut 4 and cut slices of 0.5cm thinly. The leaves are removed, washed, cut off about 1cm. Wash it with thin saline to deodorize the fish, then rinse with clean water and use the scissors The beard and foot of the shrimp. Battery Pot on the kitchen for 200ml of water, boil. When boiling water gives shrimps and removes small fire to freshwater shrimp. Continued cooking about 3 minutes, for 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 less pepper and 1/3 of the leaves. Steady islands and then put the horizontal part of the 8 minutes to cook about 5 minutes until the red shrimp and the zucmin turned slightly in the steam, continue to put in a teaspoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of fish sauce and the leaves Left, the island island. More about 4 minutes, for the incense mushroom, the island for nine mushrooms, waiting for about 3 minutes to turn off the kitchen is completed. Sunflower / Consumer

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