Loose Menu: Simple Rice Trays That Delicious

This afternoon rice menu includes: fried egg fish, pineapple stir-fried pork, spinach soup with dry shrimps.02: 00/3: 16 nam nam southern fried eggs illustration. Photo source: internet material: 200g fish eggs50g corn powder5 cloves garlic1 tablespoon fish sauce sauce3 teaspoon road1 tablespoon of chili sauce1 Spoon of chili sauce1 Teaspoon chili chili powder1 / 2 teaspoon wedge seeds50g meecone: egg fish to choose big children , then rinse with water and soak in thin salt water to remove the fish's fishing smell, rinse with clean water, drain the stamping, peeling off the shell and minced Small cups along with a little warm water, soaked for 5 minutes, then beamed out, filtered the tamarind juice. A pan on the kitchen with a little cooking oil, when the oil warmed up, gave a garlic Aromatic gold. Then for 2 tablespoons of me, chili sauce, dougly, chili powder, fish sauce, seasoning and sugar, islands for ingredients interacting together

. Turn off the kitchen, if you don't have a ditcher, it is possible to use the flour to create a stability for the sauce. When the fish is drained, you put the fish into a brass, then put the cornstarch, then shocked fish a thin layer T outside is okay. Excess to fish a thin layer of powder outside the corn will help fish after frying without oil, keeping the sweet and fish are not crushed
For oil to eat into a pan, when the oil has warmed up Put fish in, frying in small fire to fish nine gold, then picked out to enter the plate with oil absorbent paper. Pork stir-fried with illustration. Photo source: internet material: 500g fretful pineapple1 pineapple1 onion 1 green chilli, 1 red chilli, 1 egg whites, 1 piece of ginger, 45ml of water and garlic cloves, 1 original holiday 10g flour with little salt, pepper, cooking oil. Thai Pineapple Small Block, Thai Onion Small Square Pieces. Chopped, sliced ginger, base of chili, Thai pieces like onions. Heat the cooking oil in the pan, putting the meat in the more nine fried, it takes a bowl. Low a little cooking oil in a pan, ginger, garlic, the root on the fry. Then pour rifles into stir-fry until the color was moved, adding fried meat with 30ml of water in common island. Pineapple and chili into the island evenly. Close the pane of the pane of about 1 minute then open the lid for a bit of a little salt to eat and then turn off the kitchen
Morning spinach Illustration. Source: internet material: 100 grams of dried shrimps are needed: fish sauce, soup, seasoning seeds, sweet powder ... How to do: Dry shrimp: bring warm water for about 10 minutes to soften meat and rinse again With water 2-3 times to clean and remove it, drain. Do not soak too long to lose the sweetness of shrimp meat. Bring dried shrimp pouring or pureed by mini grinder.rau Mua: Pick up the soft tops, leaving the old stalk. Pick up the leaves, leaving only young leaves at the top of the tops. Soak spinach in warm salt water is about 15 minutes to remove poisons as well as parasites. Take out, rinse with clean water 2-3 times and drain. The water volume is sufficient in the pot, boiled. The shrimp has been pounded into cooking with the same water. . Space and spinach to cook together. When soup boiled, add spices of fish sauce, powder, sweet flour, seasoning seeds ... so that the kitchen and let the kitchen and let it cool.

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