Losing ‘golden Ball’, Robert Lewandowski ‘bored “sell Ferrari 488 Spider

Classy players in the world is for sale 488 Spider Ferrari on eBay.0: 00/2: domain 26Nu NamKhi you think about the football star, the likes of David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi was often mentioned Firstly. These superstars have global followers terrible and tends to use the money and his influence to "possess" absolute voi.Beckham items recently purchased an automobile company. Cristiano additional Centodieci Bugatti cost up to $ 9 million, added to the collection vehicle was "thick" Bugatti, Ferrari

.Nhung buy toys they not only beautiful but also sometimes sell it to earn "love" new. Robert Lewandowski, who recently was honored as the best striker in the world (but robbed Golden Ball), has put a Ferrari 488 Spider and make it special advertised on eBay ban.Duoc listed in Germany but for sale in Poland, the car owned by the buyer directly from the football star
According to this, the car was level again by Lewandowski, add black stripes and registration number plates nho.De ensure that the potential buyers in the future be able to verify the information, vehicle number plates have been retained original and ownership documents are still enrolled Lewandowski. Rpm gauges are white to match the color Bianco Avus 100, while yellow calipers behind the 20-inch wheels. The more carbon everywhere, including on numerous Ferrari 488 Spider lang.Chiec belong born in 2018, Lewandowski may feel bored and want to upgrade to a Ferrari Spider F8. The car traveled 6150 km only and factory warranty until 09/21/2022 while the rest of the seven-year service package still nguyen.Theo reports, the car has been placed in a garage near like a lifetime, this reinforces the confidence to assume that the car in a state of complete hao.Neu you to buy a supercar used, then buying from a famous football player has ability to use it to travel just set and go home is probably a great idea. But the point is deducted, so honorable origin means it has a high bid. But if your competition will probably be sooner bargain
At this time, the highest bid is 50,500 Euro (57.165 USD), is clearly less than the wishes of the seller. If you are interested, you have until 14:00 pm EST on June 10/12 (ie 2am in Vietnam 11/12) to set price references thau.Tham: Carbuzz / Photo: eBay

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