Loss Of Losses Every Day And Horrifying When They Know The Culprit

0: 00/0: 56 Southern men's loss of losses daily, horrifying when he knows the culprit of farmers in Nghe An this morning (July 16) has caught the python weighing more than 45 kg is said to be the normal culprit Through "stealing" goats and chickens for many days, Nghi Yen commune (Nghi Loc district, Nghe An) in the morning of July 16, information, local people have just caught the success of a large python weighing more than 45kg. Earlier, many of these commune farmers discovered the goats and chickens in the stable continuously "loss" for several days continuously. Many teams, dividing white night hours "ambush" to find the culprit. "Giant" was discovered in Nghe An 5/7, after many days of tracking, "culprit" caused goods The series of "stealing" goats and chickens appeared in Mr. Nguyen Dao Quan's garden (neighbors 10, Nghi Yen commune)

. It was a terrible size python, weighing more than 45 kg. The village immediately surrounded, beating the death of the consequences. When the "object" stomach, the people found in the stomach more than 10 chickens have just been swallowed

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