‘lost Sandals’: Big Love From Small Jobs

Kim Dong Publishing House has just greeted summer 2021 with Vietnamese bilingual publications - British 'Lost Sandals - The Lost Sandal' of two foreign authors living and working in Vietnam, which is Geralda de Vos (Belgium) and Sofia Holt (Sweden). "The lost sandals - The Lost Sandal" is a special picture book of foreign authors writing about Vietnamese children for Vietnamese children's readers. "The slippers - the Lost Sandal "tells about the Linh Name. One day, due to sleeping on the way home, Linh accidentally dropped one of his favorite sandals, pink plastic sandals with a picture of pigs. Specifies will find that sandals regardless of whether the parents are willing to buy them with new sandals

.linh drawing posters in grocery stores, writing letters sent to everyone in the sandals area Falling ..
Letter sent, then Linh accepted from everyone a lot of interest: people for sandals, people for money, who gave wishes ... and then "the slippers fell" appeared. She was different from the fairy tales, she didn't fly on the miraculous broom, she walked on an old bike. "She fell" without any magic power, but she was still a great girl of Linh. The book "lost sandals". The book "The Lost Sandals - The Lost Sandal" Humanities lessons about loving, cherishing your objects, please know how to share, feel and help people around. The author also broke with a small reader with only a small act like picking up and returning the slippers, you will bring happy joy to the loss but also contribute to reducing a plastic waste to the living environment . Plastic slippers are dropped perhaps the image is seen much on the national roads, inter-provincial roads, on the streets, alley
.. pink sandals with bows of girls, superman blue sandals of boys , The left, on the right, we are easy to see and then easily ignore. But with the author Geralda de Vos a falling sandals and the way we behave a lot of things. Sinh and grew up in Belgium, Geralda came to Vietnam in 2017. She actively participated in social activities Especially environmental protection, reducing plastic waste, recycling objects, encouraging kind lifestyles through virtual picks and paid for everyone.Geralda has begun to pick up lost sandals on the road. city. She folded them all over the bike and started visiting a person who picked up a slippers. Linh, "Mixed slippers dropped" and the book "The Lost Sandals - The Lost Sandal" was born like that. A beautiful story about kindness and kindness between people and kindness to habitats Geralda tells the simple way of not on the tendon, extremely smart and humorous. With Geralda de Vos, the illustration of Painter Sofia Holt brings freshness, bustling rhythms, peace for " The Lost Sandal ". That is the look of real-life people on this land, looking at the surrounding life with affectionate view, not looking for the difference of other cultures, other countries. Sofia will grow Sweden. She came to Saigon in 2014 and worked as a design of furniture and useful furniture products here. She is currently designing fashion, furniture, illustration painting and contributing more ideas about a happy and sustainable world. Even if you go anywhere, Sofia likes to collect the lovely "precious garbage" on the road. Although I don't know how to read and write Vietnamese, Sofia is still "Vietnamese drawing" for posters, letters in the book. "The Lost Sandal" with many English vocabulary is not much , in the morning, simple, is an interesting suggestion for you to learn and read English through a modern story about Vietnam. Duyen Vu / Giadoducthoidai

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