Lottery Artist Pham Phuong Has A Severe Meningitis, A Difficult Situation With A Difficult Parent

Many netizens are unexpected to unexpectedly informed about the current difficult situation and the current difficult circumstances of Lo Pham Phuong artist.Mai, through social networks, actors who joined the group Lot To Huong Nam suddenly announced that Pham Phuong members are having a serious health problem. Male will probably know about Pham Phuong girl. Unfortunately, when 4 days ago, our group received the news that Phuong was hospitalized in the state of not being pupilized. However, we could not be public because it was clear and it was necessary to determine it clearly and Update the most information to everyone

. Currently, Phuong is located at Gia Dinh People's Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City ". The current violation is the girl of this blockic artist. The family side also shared that doctors concluded Pham Phuong suffered severe meningitis, tumors inserted into nerves leading to cerebring blood vessels
At this time, the hospital cannot surgery for Pham Phuong High ability is difficult to keep your life. Therefore, this block artist can only follow long-term treatment regimens with drugs. However, the cost is very expensive. The condition of Pham Phuong is present at remember. In the attached clips, when asked by a relative, he did not remember his name. Pham Phuong was hospitalized at the Gia Dinh People's Hospital. Pham Phuong's towel and at the same time urged everyone who donated to help this member. Phuong Phuong is very difficult - Phuong lives with her grandmother and her family (no father without mothers). Currently, the charity and donation issues are entangled many shots but because of the situation of Phuong It is too difficult to ask for permission to ask for a call to donate to support Pham Phuong during a strict poverty. May people help with her "
The latest image of the artist Lot Pham Phuong is shared by the family side. After announcing your family, a large number of friends and colleagues with netizens Express unexpectedly, suddenly inform the information about Pham Phuong's difficulties and difficulties. The sponsors are also quick to donate to help with this lottery. Copper. On December 3, the entire statement related to calling for the Pham Phuong was directly publicly openly on his personal page.

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