‘lottery Starter’ Opened Points: King Nhat Uncle Was Super Cool, The Context Of ‘really Pearl’

The first response to the 'Stepsing Lottery' with the participation of the acting of Hoang Hien, King Nhat Uncle, Castride is quite pleased with a grand spectacular context, manual actions, the plot of breathless .Phong Lottery is one of the famous films that look good by many factors. The film was adapted from the novel of the famous writer code; Also the author of Truong An 12 watching hours, the list of antiquities ..

. The film has the participation of actors who have a strong actor like Hoang Hien, Tong Dat; There are also the names that attract visitors like the most king, castration ..
the film is largely invested in the context, promising on the picture will be razed. Inside, thereby many other mysteries appear, implicitly revealing a larger conspiracy behind the loudlife into Lac Duong. The main characters of the originality of Lac Duong are different from different levels, different personalities, the original purpose is different, but have followed the tragic clues, despite the danger to find out The truth. The first episodes of Lac Duong Phong waved from December 1, and most of the audience's feedback was quite pleased with both the context and contents and acting. First thing the audience must be deep Going back to the opening of Lac Duong is a "rich" film producer. Because of the context when the official movie is also more spectacular than what was ahead of the trailer. Lac Duong Duong Duong was re-abolished, magnificent, meticulous from street goods to the discipline of the Lab, noble or poor village at the bottom of the society. It was known Lottery launch has invested in more than 100 rotating locations, preparing more than 5000 outfits, 5000 styling accessories and more than 15,000 props. In addition to the Quartet of Hoang Hien, King Nhat Uncle, Castride, served with 4 main roles, Lac Duong Phong has completed its story with 650 annexes and professional staff with 25000 public actors. The magnificent, most important film is noteworthy that the green font or the color filter should bring a true feeling
Fastens and accessories and props are taken carefully. The film is largely invested The context and human resources. Lottery started at 6 episodes (for VIP account) with a very fast growing rhythm. The first two episodes can make viewers a little stun, but that feeling is very quick to go. By right in the following episodes, everything goes into orbits, the pieces begin to engage gradually and open up new circumstances. The characters of Lottery Starting are very clearly depicting at the episodes, personality Each person and their interactions come to the story bringing more interesting. Cao Quc (Hoang Hien) came from the place to be considered at the bottom of the society; The brave, strategic, sharp wisdom also has high martial arts, although it seems cruel, but it is essentially righteous. The Procedure (King Nhat Uncle) is noble, smart, graped, gourded, very cold and strange personality, but there are also cute clumsy points. . The most physiological role is a different male character, two female characters each person. Negative (ejected castration) is a female but good martial arts, personality with a little stubborn but frankly, honestly, very brave. Naturally. Letters of weak hands are soft, interested in only the procedure, but it turned out that "punch" caused the film circuit to relax behind stressful chase schools. It can be said that the wedding is pressed between the Hoang Nghi - Lieu Nhien and the development of this couple later is a sweet dot for the film. The Role of the Personal Role. Fast, the character is quite complicated about links, but the originality is quite neat and strict so the audience is not confusing. On the contrary, they are attracted and constantly curious about what will take place next on the screen. No tiger is the actor actor, the show of Hoang Hien excellent in both action and psychological scenes. Slippy also plays a lord of love, soft outside the tough outside the "sweet like sugar cane". Is the flow (Italian star has a large fan of a large fan) so the acting of the king's most and the throw Many doubts, as well as stricter. Objectively speaking, the show of both in the opening of Lac Duong is not too excellent, but in general, it is not bad or making the film to lose the balance. The elaboration is also praised to perform some scenes decisive action, force; The United Kingdom shows the charming opposition of the character - Learn to Urstertons but clumsy "Social Skills". Pepham Khoi Lac Duong has a impressive start. The more and later film circuits will be more drough when the characters dig to the roots of the mystery, will also be more interesting when they interact more and the relationship between the characters becomes more mounted .Phong Lottery has a total of 39 episodes

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