Lotus Launches A New Generation Emira Sports Car With Less Than 2 Billion Vnd

Lotus Emira - The new generation sports car of the British car company recently launched with two engine options and costs only $ 84,000 (nearly 2 billion) .Lotus Emira is a new generation sports car model of the company, replacing all three previous models, Evora, Elise and Exige were all aged. Iira is the first mass sports car to use the new design language, inherited from Hypercar Evija. Previously, Car possesses vertical luminaires with two cross-angle lights. Capo lid has wind slots that increase aerodynamic effect while the door is specially bented to help the wind approach the wind cavity better

. I have a large Lotus Lotus logo set between two LED taillights eye. Below are two dual exhaust slots and dual exhaust sets.emira uses the bending aluminum chassis platform (Lotus Sports Car Architecture)
The car also gets two options set chassis and suspension systems As Sport and Tour with Sport will be harder while the tour is created for daily use. This sports car has a weight of only less than 1,500 kg. In the new model, Lotus offers customers two engine options including booster i4 engine, 2.0-liter capacity provided by AMG and V6 3.5 engine Toyota's super-loaded liter like previous cars. 2.0 booster motor has a maximum capacity of 360 horsepower. This engine is also specially tweaked at Hethel headquarters to better fit the car. About the V6 engine part, it has a capacity of 400 horsepower and 430 nm torque. Cars are sold with all three depending on Select the floor gearbox, automatic numbers and automatic clutch automatic numbers for both motors
Lotus said Emira can accelerate to 100 km / h from standing position in 4.5 seconds and maximum speed 298 km / h. Inside, Emira's cockpit has minimalist design and sports. The need for the number on the floor number is thought to be the same as the number of ESPRIT's numbers before and the Number of V6s will be revealed the chemical structure below.Xe owns two electronic screens. A 10.25-inch screen is located at the central control panel, induction. The remaining screen is placed after the steering wheel, taking on the function of displaying information. Apple Carplay and Android Auto connection technology is equipped next to the utilities such as adaptive cruise control, lane lane warning , supporting Lotus Emira is sold for about 84,000 USD (equivalent to nearly 2 billion) from the summer to the year ./. CTV Le Dao / VOV / VN LOTUS

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