Lotus Seasons …

The other meal opened the window, caught a flowering of her flowers from the outskirts to the street. Suddenly realize the seasonal season between light winds, the lighthead, hold a quiet rouge.0: 00/2: 48nam in the northern region illustrate int. Flower goods like packed the whole heart, Fragrant to each bundle of lotus. The shotus is strange but familiar with, reminding me of the discreetness and disturbance of the whole sky remembers

. There is a summer dimension, when the end of the day is long on the absence, Huong lotus is still Fluttering in mind. Listen far away from the afternoon picker, take my soul back to a old green age. The village of the elderly life loves the rhythm of the mother to sing, the lotus is light to touch the dream of Thien Thanh
The lotus season hatched, a bunch of bowls appeared, his soul also lumbled in the ecstatic crowd of the season. The blue lotus was in white, the skinny buds were mixed with soft wings. Wondering Huong Lotus day there is still king in the daughter's hair year, now the silk shirt follows her husband with a few moon houses through ... all along the country, the lotus is present in villages, with a ladder; In the dations, rhythmics, ancient fairy areas, lullabies, the hammocks; Both in his father's teen tea cup, his mother's tea. Each lotus season seems to store stories, sad, unforgettable deep. There are flower seasons blooming again about the earnest love affairs, the mood to miss the village, has ever suggested that it is impossible to be far away. There is a flower season to touch the deep vibration, wake up the entire domain of the flavor always soup in the heart Sauna. After all, unleash the dull dust layer, the scent is something still there forever
The incomplete thing often caused people to remain interesting, wise. Small days, the times according to his father to set the net, I often ask the father to sail in the middle of the lotus pond to pick a lotus. The smell of moss, mud throne on the throne on the spleen, weeds - the discreet places are where fish snakeheads, perch or at. But when the father rowing to the lotus pond between the water, the lotus incense causes the dreams My baby's dream rose. Impression this place on moon morning nights, there will be a gentle fairy to come out of the most gorgeous lotus, with a sweet-length voice and the cheeks of the new lotus blooming. Long hair is shampooed with lotus incense . The night on his face on his mother's heart smelled the stairs, hit his mother about a fairy to step out from Sen. Lightweight summer wind blows, then I thiu thiu sleeping in the middle of the peaceful sky and silently sediment my soul in a beautiful beauty, unleash. Remembering lotus, I remember soft long dresses, my sister's coasting hats, of my hometowns. Lotus rose from brown mud, from alluvial absorbing foreignness, holding primitive intact, the background. The blazed lotus seash broke and exhausted with the time of the time, like the spring of the girl only Once in my life. But until she drooped, Sen still kept the incense to marinate into his soul, in the sky of the green memoir. The lotus was over, but the butterfly bee would attach toever a sweet secret. Epislating the love of love, the daughter of the countryside still iron lipstick a happy dream. Each flower season passes through the mind in the mosaic of a manner, as the cause to let me know. Thank Sen Opened in me the high skilles of the soul. The beauty of the soul is a beauty nothing to replace. Starting from the country's home source circuit ...

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