Loudly Said His Wife Took His Daughter To Teach Again, The Bridegroom Re-petrified His Reaction

Having just beat his wife, it also demanded 'returns to the place of production', the shot unexpectedly his father-in-law has the action of protecting the daughter.0: 00/2: 56 Nouthern region of the incense to launch the family She did not have the future bridegroom. Because the house has only two daughters, she married in Saigon sometimes the whole year once, so he didn't want to marry the youngest to the family too much. Folk chemistry, the arts show the general should have just looked at his department that it was a man with a woman, the chief, to be a man who was like that, the incense would be miserable. In Dong Anh family

. He has a stable job with a rather real income but followed by 3 young children, who is eating age, old school, and his parents have been around for years. The incense of strawberries will be struggling. But ignoring the parents' compartment, the incense still comes to the faculty
Huong also announced that if she was not organized by her parents, she would follow the science of being his wife. So the parents love the daughter also closed her eyes to celebrate her wedding. After finishing, the couple hired a small inn room how the parents spawned about 5 kilometers. Both grandparents are retired, so I'm free so from the day of the incense, her mother also Sang to support the daughter of rice rice, take care of her grandchildren. The smartest time, many times are not satisfied with his wife, the science and said the mother's wife does not know how to teach girls. The mother of Huong Thua knew his son-in-law was hooked up but to retain the air, so she was silent. It also understood that, the more he wounded his father, inhibiting for a long time. That day, the incense told him a little tired, so he was a little tired of cooking for his children, but Khoa flossed her erosion that she was at home to take care of her with tired, while he still had to expose his face to earn money. Before her husband's attitude asked again: If there was no wife to take care of their children, worry about the students' learning skills, the monthly staircuffs for her father's father, would you be peace of mind? She also said he had been a selfish unprecedented herself in her position to sympathize. Husband and wife, Khoa raised his hand of 2 pieces before his spectacular disappointment
At that moment, the parents caught the porridge to me. Then, the science and grandfather said, she brought her daughter to teach again, and if I couldn't teach it, I would teach. Down the chair said: "The reason she still let daughter daughter be my wife because I don't want my grandson to lack my parents' feelings. Not now that since the incense is a student still told him that marriage Unhappy, boldly let go of life again. Come to this country today I will welcome your children and grandchildren's grandchildren. "Then there, Dad Huong called the maid at home to clean the house, cooking delicious dishes to welcome the daughter. People speak but once said it did. Science understands that he is very seriously acting, so rebellious to apologize to his father-in-law. But he still urged his daughter to quickly clean up the furniture to go home. To keep her marriage fire, both of them have to put themselves in the opponent's situation to understand. In the story of the Faculty and Huong's husband and incense, the conflict has flared from long-term memories that are not cleared. The action of Dad Huong is the best way to help daughter escape from family violence.

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