This afternoon clouds on the old way, the silver clouds dyed the sky a cold gray, troublesome like anyone who collects the days of collection: 00/5: 57nam northern rays, misty misty across small lane . Ta Dang sad knocked on the door, the chrysanthemks on the garden of anyone who had a hatched, fragrant in the afternoon of the brain. Memory memory. I miss you, remember about the green afternoon in the vast field, where there are innocent children playing on the grass and lying on the back of the buffalo to count the sky. I miss you, remember the times I frowned with you uncomfortably, remembering both the eyes laughing like a young moon, we are now farther away than a thing to love, me

. Screws on the sky , In the slight smoke and the rise of low humidity. The harvested harvested season on the green glazed was gently, everything is still, only now we are no longer the same. The story of childhood is still in the bottom of this heart, records a small piece of memories and here
Looking out far away, the eyes vaguely sad. Afternoon he returned to the village, the dew held his shoulder with a wet piece, white sport shoes sticky dust dust. Pushing to the grassland is green, he overlooks the large field, looking at the wind dyke, looking at the suspension bridge for a solid concrete, the slot was flooded every flood season, the waves were shaking Hyacinths are blooming with purple petals, all over the shore corner, like childhood memories drifting gently, drifting forever but couldn't come back anymore, we would grow up, so do we. Little kids are now leaving the village until noise town. Some people have successful people who are still struggling to make a living. Life is not easy with anyone. But how many people are so nostalgic, I'm sorry? You suddenly let go of the sigh, holding a knife still in banana for ducks. "The new army returned, I was more meat Then. " - Uncle neighbors laughed, calling with in the yard, in front of his lane with a guava trees when the figure was nine fragrant. Yes, he came out a bit but it was still very skinny
He was tall, slender and looked as a viscous weakness like a birth. "Yes. Uncle Ho Chi Minh play. I'm boiling the corn." - You laugh back, the black eyes curled, the long shadow shadow like a small fan. "Oh my, recovering whoever was ham pit." - Uncle said so and still entered the house, holding a leaf hat fan the Buddha. The face of the woman in the old sixty-year-old speckled freckles, wrinkles where the corners of his eyes were clear, black tattoos were sharp and red lips like hitting a dark lipstick. I went to look at him: - Rapaks when the tissue married, didn't you consider my parents to be invalid .- It's about to laugh, the pale limbs are pale. really. Children are so big, they don't blame the old. The hat, let go of the sigh like it doesn't make his heart more heavy. - I just teased, there are several tissue but old but the boiled corn Unrescraft, laughing and talking about it. - Uncle considered him to marry him forever without seeing him. The session was rare and cleverly and wroved her teeth. Three dozen to the place. I looked at my mother, there was a little reluctant that laughed. - Well, not worried. The beautiful army like Korean actor does not have tissue. I would probably choose too. I looked at him: - The session was young, so it was too careful for my mother to have a fever. I laughed, not answering Uncle's sentence. Going, the mother makes it look for him, a fan of a fan, a hand holding the corn, chewing and speaking: - Horribly, die, it is too watchful to see that wife. Wash your hands, deep well water Pump on the tank is still warm. Heaven dusk, and where I am in the smoke on the old kitchen, I suddenly remembered me strange. Stand the frequency side of the dripping faucet, tipto the feet of a marigold gantry with a sweet yellow nursery piece. Naturally remembered his ten years of age, filling a bunch of golden daisies to donate me on the birthday, I gratred thank you and punched him a thought that I got off the jaw. I laughed: "Mr. Quan gave birthday gifts is not okay. After ni ni grimace to see." He returned to the internal, insidering him was a gentle, but the cabinet was the cabinet for tooth loss . Yellow chrysanthemums did not give birthdays, sir, people used to worship it. He was failed, but I'm not angry. When I was still in elementary school, every time I was always cried to read the verses of "my autumn, is the yellow chrysanthemum ..." The soul of her dreams like that. Only unfortunately, he was so quiet to look at me every day, there was no other way. "Military, and forever, but forever?" - His mother called, he hurriedly washed his face, took the wet water, each small drops to Tong Tong, flowing on the cheeks. "I was unstable." - I sit on the shelf, pulling the electric fan in the corner, the wind blows. To collect, the weather is not too uncomfortable. - Five Ni translated the work is okay? - Yes. Also normal. Bow your head, finger

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