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After shooting down a US fighter aircraft, Phan Chin pilot rushed into the battle, unfortunately hit the enemy's bullets, had to jump and injured. Over the past 50 years, despite suffering from painful pain, the brave pilot people have love to improve their steps between life ... 0: 00/5: 34 South Southern pilot Phan Dat and Bui Thi Canh's wife Cong in the sky looks, no one thinks Veteran Phan Dat (Minh Phuc, Hung Phuc Ward, Vinh, Nghe An Province) used to be a pilot to fight against MiG-17 to chase US aircraft invading the region Northern heaven

. Because, his movement must thanks to the wooden crutches or wheelchairs, every time the wind of the sky, the old wound often causes pain. Mr. Dat said: "Nearly 54 years ago, in a non-war to protect the area of Hanoi, I shot down a US aircraft
At that time, according to the strategy, it should have escaped the enemy's encirclement and landed safely but was too enthusiastic, I continued to rush into the battle and unfortunately hit the missile ... ". Phan Diet 1943, the countryside in Hung Loi commune (Hung Nguyen, Nghe An) - the country where the landscape of the Lam river, the other side is the pink mountain range. At the age of 18, it was a high school student of Huynh Thuc Khang (Vinh City), multiplied by the recruitment, Phan Diet attended the application. At first there were more than 10 successors, to the last round of only alone selected to train aircraft driving. After finishing the cultural program in Lang Son, in 1963, Phan Dat was sent to China to learn to drive fighters. The sense of high mission with the country and the people, Nghe Man's boy always focuses on receiving knowledge, techniques and experience, looking forward to returning to fighting. In 1966, Phan Dat graduated from the course, returned to the country and was payrolled into the 923 Air Force Regiment, with the main task of controlling MiG-17 fighters, destroying American aircraft invading the North
That, on January 19, 1967, the team consisted of two MiG-17 by Phan Thanh Tai and Phan Dieng was ordered by an attack at Gia Lam airport to block US aircraft from the direction of the South China Sea to enter Hanoi airspace. The enemy plane has more than 10 pieces, so the number of eastern numbers should be very aggressive, rushing into. Discovering the presence of MiG-17 at close range, the enemy examines each other to destroy the missile. Two pilots Phan Thanh Tai and Phan Dat were moved to prevent, and use NR-23mm and N-37mm cannon to pay. Seeing the F-4 is very close, Phan Diet accelerates and releases the N-37mm bullet, making it fire. According to the guerrilla beaten strategy, in that situation, it should have moved to land safely, but Phan Diet had rounded back to continue fighting and unfortunately hit the enemy's rocket. As a pilot to be trained, Phan Dat promoted the operations to extract even though it was not large, the wing was not stable when the ground had caused him to be injured. Doctors concluded Phan Diet suffered a spine, unable to stand up, the legs were no longer able to move in the ground to leave the MiG-17 fighters, teammates and the sky to enter treatment At the hospital for a long time, Phan Diet was extremely painful. In the chain of depressed and grieving days, as an arrangement of fate, in an exchange, first met the citizen girl. The girl named Bui Thi Canh (born in 1951), the countryside in Thanh Linh commune (Thanh Chuong), is an agricultural officer working in Ba Vi (Ha Tay, now Hanoi). Tinh Tinh Huong helped them close together, the injured soldier felt like a relative besides comforting, sharing, the pain like a bit. And female agricultural officials like a brother to confide in the moment of staying away from the countryside, to hear the advice when encountered and worried. At that time, he had the opportunity to be together, for a long time without being a nostalgic nostalgia. Love until no one is good, only two hearts have been mixed with the beats, so they decided to build happiness. "What I worry at the moment is not to be approved by her family, because I am a heavy war invalival, can't take care of yourself. But it was fortunate that the parents of the scene did not objectally unwind but also struggled to vun, and work for us, "I remembered. Their wedding was held in 1974 in the joy of two families, the family and friends. Family, Mr. Chin to nourishes in the Nursing Nursing Area 4 (Nghi Loc, Nghe An), Ba Landscape also moved its work on Vinh City. In those years, life was very hard, difficult, her grandmother scene worthy of family work and taking care of their children. With algae, suffer from injury, the woman has gradually gave the family to overcome difficulties, is a place based and is also the joy of her husband. Up to now, after 44 years of life, the family of former pilots has 3 children (2 girls, 1 boy) all have grown up and have 8 grandchildren and outside of 2005 so far, Ms. Bui Thi Canh has spread Through 3 times the stroke, bedrenced, all activities must rely on relatives. People are far away, who are busy working, the main care of Mr. Dienn. Though

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