Love Soldier 356

Visiting Ha Giang, up with the place where her husband's teammates because their dearest groups are still lying. After the incense compression, we returned to Mai Sinh's house in the 9th - Xuyen town - Xuyen district. It has become a familiar and intimate address for soldiers when he returns to visit the ancient battlefield.0: 00/4: 50 Namgia Dinh Mai - Sinhdoi to go to Ha Giang to visit the old battlefield husband. There are many very touching stories and leaving a deep mark on Ha Giang land full of fire blood, which are fierce battles, overwhelmed, regaining each soil of the border between us and the enemy, loss Big team of the army in every battle, the reinforced courage of soldiers when battle

... but when meeting you, a gentle Tay daughter donor and the love story seems like Legend but it is my reality to make me not want to be far from the land of Ha Giang at all
I am a sinh, a good school girl, beautiful girl and na. I have an accident due to the 356th Division Tank on the way to crash into the electrical column, the column overwrite her body, making me break the ankles, break the pelvis, the left thighs are cut 20cm deep. At the same time I was sentenced, the first person rushed, signaling the car to backwards, carrying me in a state of unconsciousness, blood filled with people, urgently taking me to the emergency hospital is the boy named Le Mai - one The brave soldiers soldiers were brave, intriguing in the battle of the 17th Battalion, F356, his country in Tay Hieu commune, Nghia Dan, Nghe An. Through more than 3 months, more than 3 months of leaning real emergency and treatment at the disease The Institute of Multi-Military Zone II (Institute of 93 Vinh Tuy), giving birth to the medical team - the hospital of the hospital to be cure and is even more fortunate when I have a daily Le Mai soldier without care. Although the two butt of birth due to long-term sores, stinking, but every time there was a free time, it was tomorrow to take care of the birth of the birth. Mai as a brother, a dedicated and thoughtful friend. Passing both embarrassed, tomorrow took water bathing for daily birth, fertilizing spoonful porridge, carrying a birth of a personal hygiene, changing clothes ..., everything is mastering and voluntarily Until more than 3 months of birth, he or she was starting to recover and prevented clinging
He was born at Trung Thanh commune Secretary - Xuyen District - Ha Giang district, his name, he lived very in greatness, all Because of the people. At that time, Trung Thanh commune and the 356th Division were two units of meaning, often traveling, so when the daughter was in distress caused by the crew, he was not only responsible, not required about the problem Material compensation that he also said "The uncle because of the task of protecting the Fatherland, has lost much sacrifice, my child is alive is very lucky" so the coordination between two units: Trung Thanh commune and The 356th Division is more and more tight. After leaving the hospital home, Mai continued with his family to give birth. Every time you have free time, I'll be right away. Seeing the sad eyes and steps on heavy pearls without a prayer of birth of tomorrow, such as salt rubbing. This accident is not caused by Mai, but by Mai's teammates, but why do Mai finds themselves as a mistake, he finds himself to be responsible, there must be offset for birth. And he put all his love to take care of his handicapped daughter.ra troops, Mai asked to stay in Ha Giang and attached to this land. Every month, tomorrow is still with the Corn, British, Mr. Truong, Mr. Tich ... up the incense for his teammates in the piercing cemetery and in the incense of 468. The heart soup with hundreds of teammates On the battlefield of Ha Giang today, it has not found a corpse, the tombs carrying three words "unknown" is always hidden in the beginning, urging him over the danger of Mine Bom and Wang to go Find the old mark of each battle, find what remains of loving teammates. Over thirty years have passed, the footsteps still practice and perhaps the exhibition will be born to a whole life. Tomorrow - a soldier who has done his best to support that training leg becomes a happy family. They have three children (1 boy, 2 girls) good. Now Mai - Biography has become a grandchild of a grandson and a grandson. Looking at the gaze of birth looking at Mai and loved affectionately, as a grateful, I couldn't describe it, I saw my eyes spicy. Located. After the incense compression, we returned to Mai Sinh's house in the 9th - Xuyen town - Xuyen district. It has become a familiar and intimate address for soldiers when he returns to visit the old battlefield. As a woman, I implied that the life of Mai Sinh couple is still very difficult because they both have no salary, the births cannot do anything heavy, only around the kitchen, but every time they I came to the house still full of happy smiles, still with a warm and blurred wines and blurred

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